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Bubbly Preity on Koffee with Karan

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Karan: But who's counting?
Preity: But who's counting! Exactly! Touchwood... life's been great! This year didn't start off like the way I expected it to. I had a lot of negativity this year. I lost my dog, I had an accident, I got stung by a bee... after all that...

Karan: My god! That sounds rather tragic!
Preity: I'm hoping this is going to be a great year!
Karan: It's going to be a great year professionally and I'm sure it's going to be a great year personally!

Karan: Are you planning to get married at all because there is all kinds of conjecture being made about this... now that marriage is the new thing happening with Abhishek and Ash and everything else... everyone wants to know if you are going to be marrying Ness?
Preity: I just wish people would give me my space where that is concerned at least because I think that is something very personal. Just like Ash and Abhishek, when they were getting married they told the whole world that they are getting married... same way, no one wants to hide these things but if they are not happening you don't want people constantly asking, 'are you getting married, are you getting married?'

Karan: Does it bother you that people think that that's something you must tell everyone about?
Preity: It does upset me sometimes because I don't mind you criticizing my work... but constantly scrutinizing my personal life... sometimes it gets strenuous.

Karan: I suppose because you've been dating him for a while and he comes from such an illustrious family so everyone thinks it's a great match and of course he is a wonderful boy and I know him personally... he's great looking and you both look great together and of course there are some people looking at it as some kind of gossip or some kind of confirmation... "When's the big wedding date?"
Preity: But the media takes amazing liberty... one day I am married, one day I've broken up, one day I am married, one day I've broken up... Thak gayi hoon main! It's like guys... especially me... I've always been honest and forthright about anything in my life...

Karan: Its never like you hid your boyfriends ever... they're there, they are part of your friends circle or whatever. You may never speak about it but I've always known you to have them with you always!
Preity: Yes I only like to act when I get paid for it... I don't like to act in real life!

Karan: 2-3 years ago there was always talks about you and Rani on war-path, you and Kareena having problems and you know... Rani coming on this very show and saying that 'Oh Preity talks too much and she should keep her opinions to herself' but now when I see you with her, I feel everyone looks a little more relaxed in their own life. Do you think things have changed?
Preity: Yeah! But I always joke with Rani. Everytime I meet her, I go ZIP (zipping her lips) and she says, 'No babes, I didn't mean that!'

Karan: What were the repercussions of that... were you shocked when you heard she said that on the show?
Preity: I told Rani, why did you have to say this... you should have told me so she said, 'No babe I was just kidding!' which I believe because when I work with her, I don't have a problem working with her and I'm pretty instinctive that way. As long as I don't have a problem working with her, she is entitled to her opinions also just as I am entitled to my opinions.

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