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Preity and Kajol make a hit twosome

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Karan: And your opinion of her is?
Preity: My opinion of her is... she's great!

Karan: What did you say to her... something really hysterical... she told me about it the other day...
Preity: I told her that we are a better pair than Shah Rukh and Kajol because really every movie we've done together has done so well!

Karan: And she told me Preity rang me up and told me that whenever in life I do get married I want you there because then my marriage will also be a big hit.
Preity: (Laughing) Yes!
Karan: Because she said ek photo to zaroor kheech lena mere saath then we'l be rocking and the marriage will be a big hit!
Preity: Yes! That's a silly joke between us.
Karan: And for marriages to work these days and for them to become big hits, trust me, it takes a hell of a lot.

Karan: And your equation with Kareena now... there was a lot of friction earlier... now, its all fine and sorted?
Preity: I think I've grown up also so I've become a lot calmer also. I mean earlier if someone didn't say hello to me, I thought that's bad manners... that's rude.

Karan: Yeah like you had said, Kareena only wishes me when Karan's around because we have an equation.
Preity: But I think I've mellowed down also and Kareena's fine! Whenever I meet her, it's ok! I say Hi to her and if she doesn't say Hi to me, its ok! I have no issues. I've gone through that phase now! Now its time for the other girls to fight! (Laughing)

Karan: We were just talking about how you appreciate your privacy and how the media today sometimes can misreport stuff. It happened in your case with Shekhar Kapur's wife who went on record saying some very ridiculous things about you. How does that make you feel?
Preity: Well there is a saying in English that goes, 'Heavy is the head that wears the Crown'. God has given me so much... he has given me more than I can ever imagine so of course there are going to be minuses. Tomorrow anybody can get up and say 'Preity did this to me' and some paper will carry it on their front cover and I don't know if the other persons picture will be there but there will definitely be a shot of mine. So if you're an actor and your saleable and your popular you do get misused but I do believe that I am controversy's favorite child. I always get dragged into some psycho controversies which I don't understand ki, 'Yeh kahaan se aaya!'

Karan: But does it get embarrassing like the equation with you and Shekhar because you have been friends since so many years?
Preity: You know I have a lot of respect for Shekhar. I like him a lot. Initially in the beginning I felt a bit odd... awkward... but I'm ok now!

Karan: Because the day passes and there is another headline the next day. It goes on!
Preity: You know I always say... god you want to give me the worst... give me the worst... but then in the end... make me win! That's it.

Karan: But otherwise the industry has treated you very well.
Preity: Yes the industry has treated me very well and I'll always be grateful to that.

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