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Preity: 9 years and running

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Karan: It's been how many years?
Preity: It's going to be 9 years at the end of this year!

Karan: Soldier was when... in 1998?
Preity: In 98!

Karan: It's going to be nearly a decade of work, you have done!
Preity: Yes!

Karan: When you look back at Soldier do you think it was just the other day or you feel, lots of time has flown?
Preity: Actually I didn't feel these 9 years, to be honest. It's been the best time of my life. The industry has given me everything and you know people always say, this industry is sleazy, there is a casting couch, people are like this. I think people treat you the way you want to be treated by them. I have never encountered any problem with anybody who's being cheap or sleazy because I have never portrayed myself like that.

Karan: Because you have met very classy and elegant people.
Preity: Like Karan Johar? Like KJ?
Karan: Yeah so there has been no problem on that end. I'm more of the couch myself rather than being the casting couch.

He truly comes from a terrific lineage... he truly is the brother and the son of the soil! He's one of the most loved and the most affable members of the film fraternity. The very suave and the very stylish- Bobby Deol.

Yeh Pritam Singh ka origin bata dena mujhe.
Preity- Bobby, please don't destroy me. Please I beg you!
Bobby-Well, she's like a guy... eh... like a buddy!

You two have been friends for a while and you've kept in touch even when you'll didn't work together?
Preity- Yes! Bobby and me have known each other before I became an actor
Bobby- She would be with us. We would all go out in my dads van every night out and she would be sitting right at the back quiet to her self. And one day she came up to me and said Ok! I'm doing criminal psychology. Can I make you my subject? And I said to her, look Preity... I would love to but I'm from this family and if I talk about myself and if you say this is my subject Bobby Deol, I can't do it!

You wanted to make bobby your subject?
Preity-But you know in the beginning I didn't know Bobby as Dharmendra's son.

Who did you think he was?
Preity-I swear. When I first met him he was one of the guys in the group and I had to look for someone between 23-28 ka age group, I was finding and I needed 5 subjects and actually I didn't realize
Bobby-Actually I never thought she wanted to get into movies. I was at Shekhar's office for two years waiting for my film to start. Nothing was happening... I got to know everyone in the staff. I was going to start shooting for Soldier and I went to the studio and they said 'Preity aayi thi yaha par... uska screen test accha tha' and 'I was like Preity kaun? Uska surname kya hain and then they said Preity Zinta. And I said mereko dikhao and then I saw it and I was like "she's pretty good man!"' and then when I was shooting for Soldier I didn't recommend her but I told them there is this girl and she's very good and I didn't know she's already signed on for another film and then she was my heroine and her first film was with me.

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