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hrithik roshan

By Super Admin

Courtesy: IndiaFM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

India's hottest hunk hrithik roshan and the reigning Bollywood queen Priyanka Chopra chat up with Karan this Sunday, February 18th at 9 p.m. on 'Koffee with Karan' on Star One and Star World.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Would you call them detractors .. the ones who turned around and said that hrithik roshan works only with his father? What would you call them?
Hrithik: Angels .. if it weren't for them .. I don't think it would have added that little zing in my drive .. so .. fab .. thank you

Karan: That's a great grand look at the detractors?
Hrithik: Ya .. they are all angels

Karan: Tell me, what is the worst criticism you have ever received?
Hrithik: Worst criticism .. I don't know if you can call it a criticism .. but, here was this magazine which had my face on the cover and said 'Finished'

Karan: Finished?
Hrithik: Ya .. Finished ..

Karan: Have you met that person who wrote that today
Hrithik: Ahh .. No , I don't need to .. doesn't matter ..

Karan: You think he or she is just turning in their heads and going completely mad that they wrote something like this..
Hrithik: But great .. it was the best day of my life .. because the truth was so apparent .. they have my face on the cover .. selling the magazine for that month ...

Karan: Ya .. That upset you ..
Hrithik: No, it excited me . I was very very motivated .. encouraged .. I know it's a bit crazy but that's the way I am.
Karan: It seems to be .. detractors are angels .. and 'Finished' is encouraging ..
Hrithik: Absolutely ..

Karan: So, hrithik roshan is Mr. Nice guy .. is it really all that true? ..Are you all that nice .. really?
Hrithik: Ah .. I guess .. am I?

Karan: I think you are .. Are you really? ..
Hrithik: Ya .. laughs ..
Karan: Laughs ... You are a nice guy .. duggu ...

Karan: So having fun ... ?
Priyanka: Ahhh ..
Hrithik: Ahh ...
Karan: Thanks .. so much for enthusiasm ... I sounded so much chirpy and happy ... and this is what I get ...

Priyanka: No .. good fun ..
Hrithik: You are getting crores for this
Karan: I wish .. not half of what you are getting ..
Hrithik: That's true
Karan: I have to work very hard to get the crores .. You shake a leg and you get them
Hrithik: You are almost there ya

Karan: You think I can do like an Aryan ..
Hrithik: Much better .. I have full faith
Karan: And you would laugh the loudest .. if I had to do an Aryan know .. sexy and me .. don't go
Hrithik: They do ..

Priyanka: What are you saying ..
Karan: only my mother thinks I am sexy ... its only her ..
Hrithik: Gift of the gab ya
Karan: That's more important ... ok ..

Karan: How's it been .. the year .. you have had two big hits .. it's been a fantastic commercial year for you .. are you thrilled .. happy .. waiting to do more exciting work ..
Priyanka: Yes.. I am really looking forward to do some good work.. it has been a fantastic year ..and more than anything my dad come back home this year.. he was really unwell last year ... that added just to the whole year ..

Hrithik: You know... If anything ever happened to Krrish ... you can easily go ahead and make a super 'Krisshi' ..
Karan: Because she is really a super girl ..
Hrithik: She is crazy .. she is a shocker ..

Clarification of controversies, revelations and a whole lot of fun, Karan's interesting tÊte-À-tÊte with Priyanka Chopra and hrithik roshan is a must watch, this Sunday, February 18th on Koffee with Karan, on Star One and Star World, at 9 p.m.

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