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Mohnish stepped out of Balaji

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Monday, April 09, 2007

I have heard you stepped out of Kayamth.
Yes, I had given dates to Balaji until the end of March. In April, I am having other commitments too. Like, I have signed two films with Vikram Bhatt. Plus, I have to complete one old film, co-starring Sunil Shetty and Raveena Tandon.

So, is film your first priority?
It's not like that. Neither films nor TV, its commitment which is more important for me. Say, if anyone requires extra dates for a big film, and there is an earlier commitment with a TV project; the latter, would be on my top priority. If you don't honour you commitments you will be called an 'unprofessional'.

Then what made you accept this show at first?
It was purely due to Balaji and Ekta Kapoor. I was not at all interested in doing cameos in a TV serial and had denied to the calls I was getting from Balaji. Then finally one day Miss Ekta Kapoor called me up and said she wanted to meet me. After I went there she said, she really wanted me to do this role, for which I couldn't refuse. It was also because I have great regards for Jeetuji (Jeetendra); as my family shared very good relations with him.

Do you think playing father of a young girl suits your image?
See, I don't think I have an image. I believe, as an actor, one should accept any role which comes across. Just like, I had played various characters in my 25 year old career.

How was it working with Ekta Kapoor?
Oh! I have no words to describe her. She is excellent, and most importantly very honest and passionate towards her work. This impressed me and was unable to refuse her offer. Though I accepted 'Kayamath', just for goodwill sake. I believe she is wonderful and very creative.

Something about your role in Life me Kabhi Kabhi and the other Vikram Bhatt films?
Life Me Kabhi Kabhi is definitely a movie to watch out. The film is about five youngsters and their pursuance for happiness. I play Dino's elder brother, who is a successful Industrialist and a strong follower of his ethics. This results in a fallout between the two brothers. It's all about search for happiness in life. The other movie is based on reincarnation but there is hardly anything to talk about, as it is still in scripting phase.

Which is your other old movie yet to be completed?
Oh, there is a very old project, which I really don't know what's wrong with them. I had signed that project years back, with Suniel Shetty and Raveena Tandon and after shooting a couple of scenes, the producer vanished. Now he has suddenly appeared and wanted my dates. Finally, I had to honor my commitment again.

Are you satisfied with your career? Any dream yet to be fulfilled even after two decades?
Yes, I am very much satisfied. I am also very happy because the audience is still not fed up of watching me. I feel, that is why I am still getting calls from reputed banners. As for my unfulfilled dream, I am still waiting for stability in my career.

You have played both negative and positive characters. What do you enjoy most?
Negative and positive was never a criterion for me. I only look for the intensity in the character and its successful connectivity with the story of the film. Like my positive characters in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hain are still very close to my heart. Similarly, I enjoyed my role in serial Devi very well.

How old is your daughter now? Is she a fan or critic of yours?
Well, she is now 14 years old and a very much critic of mine. I get profound advises from her regularly. (Laughs)

Any acting desires in her?
I don't think so. Actually, I haven't noticed any interests for acting in her so far. She says, she wants to become a pilot. But that too is in her genes. Me and my father, both have successfully flown an aircraft. I still have a pilot's license.

Finally, how difficult was partying ways with Balaji?
Nothing bad in that. It was on a very good note and was through a mutual decision. They respected my commitments, and I love their way of working. I am looking forward to working with Balaji, again in future.

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