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Have a glance of 10 sizzling contestants

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Monday, August 27, 2007

"Nach Baliye 3" is all set to rock the dance floor by the end of next month. The 10 couples of the show have been announced, and this time, the pairs are a mix of Bollywood and television artistes. Here they are.

1. Sweta Keswani and Alex O' Neil

Sweta: I am finding it hard to translate the lyrics of the songs to English for my boyfriend Alex as he is not comfortable with the Hindi language. There are lots of differences between us, the main one being the height. He is double my height and I have to keep looking up. But I will manage. I am practicing really hard as this dance show is a first for me.

Alex: You saw me rehearsing, so it is needless to say how hard I am working. I am not very familiar with the Hindi language and hence, there are many words in songs that I don't understand. So I could not match up to Sweta's expressions. But I will try my best to cope up with it.

2. Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar

Karan: I love dancing and I am sure I will do well. However, it is hard for me to manage both work and the dance show. I have not participated in such a show before, but I have done something similar in college.

Amita: I am not that a great dancer, but yes, I am practicing hard for the show. I have to match up with Karan and I promise that I will not let him down. I will always support him.

3. Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi

Rakhi: This time, there will be no controversies on the show as everyone is my friend. I am not even insecure about anybody. Nor are the other contestants scared of me. We should never consider anybody less than us. Hence, every participant is my competitor. I will surely make a mark here, if I don't, "laanat hogi mujhpar" (shame on me). I am ready to face any kind of challenge as I am working very hard for "Nach Baliye". I will show everyone what dance truly means.

Abhishek: There will be no controversies in "Nach Baliye" as I am here to protect Rakhi this time around. We are a working very, very hard for the show and we are sure we will succeed. Every participant is competent but we are not scared of anybody.

4. Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor

Shakti: I wish these days never get over and I keep on dancing with Shivangi. We are doing this show just for fun and not to win it. After so many days I am getting the chance to spend quality time with my wife, which I couldn't do all this while. Before I married Shivangi, she had already won four or five dance competitions. So it won't be very hard for us to dance. My energy level is very high and I am like the other young contestants. In fact, I feel younger than them.

Shivangi: This is for the first time that I am dancing with my husband and I am very happy about it. We are spending so much of time with each other after so many years. I am extremely excited about the show. We need to practice a lot and we are doing that.

5. Vikas Sethi amd Amita Sethi

Amita: I am trying to cope up with my husband's star image. I have to keep in mind that he doesn't feel let down by me. Being an airhostess, dance is a completely new thing for me. This is the first time that I m appearing on television with my husband, and that too, for a dance show. I find it extremely hard to dance, though I am practicing. I am not a good dancer at all.

Vikas: I will make her dance, though I know it's hard for her. She is extremely hardworking and she is practicing a lot to match her steps with mine. This is the first time that we are appearing together on screen, so I am sure we will rock.

6. Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik

Kavita: When we were first approached by "Nach Baliye" we refused as it seemed hard to us. But later, we thought of giving it a try as there is no harm in having some fun. For me, there are a lot of competitors like Rakhi, Pooja and Kashmeera on the show. But my main critic is my partner, as he is a perfectionist and keeps me on my toes. I am always scared of missing or forgetting a step as he scolds me a lot if I do.

Karan: I am an average dancer. It's not that I am always after Kavita and pushing her towards perfection. It's just that whatever we do should be done in a correct and complete way. We both are practicing a lot, as this is for the first time that we are working together on a dance show.

7. Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh

Aamir: I am very excited that I am participating with Sanjeeda in a dance-based programme for the first time. We have never performed before. I will try my best to dance well and keep my word.

Sanjeeda: I cannot express my excitement in words. Aamir and I are appearing as a couple for the first time before the audience. We are practicing our item very hard.

8. Kashmeera Shah and Krishna Abhishek

Krishna: We are not trained dancers but we will put up our best, as we are very much in love. That will show in our performances. All lovers keep making high claims. But on this show, I will prove how much I love Kashmeera and what I can do for her.

Kashmeera: I hope these days never end as they are the most romantic and fun-filled. I love dancing and so does Krishna. And I am sure that we are going to enjoy ourselves.

9. Kiran Jhanjani and Ritu Jhanjani

Kiran: Ritu is totally unaware about the world of cinema and television. This is for the first time that she is appearing with me on a dance show. But we both are very excited as we have always been eager to do advertisements, videos and such shows together. But we never got the chance, maybe because of our age difference. This is the first time that we are doing a show together and we both are very excited about it.

Ritu: I was so very shy to dance in front of Kiran. Now, god only knows how I can dance in front of anybody, and not just Kiran. This is, of course, a very new field for me. But yes, I assure Kiran that I will not let him down as I am really practicing very hard for the show.

10. Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

Pooja: When our choreographer first met us, he was very happy thinking that he had got the best of the couples. He presumed us to be trained in the art but when he saw us perform, he was very shocked. Sometimes, Hanif gets very irritated when he finds it hard to match up to my latka-jhatkas which I love doing. Earlier too, we had participated in a dance show. But there, Hanif was my choreographer. Here, he is my partner and we have a different choreographer. So the things are very different here.

Hanif: We are very dedicated to the show and we are working very hard for it. Our choreographer is very worried as he is the one who will have to come up with the dance steps. Earlier, he thought that we were the finest dancers on the show, but now he has changed his mind".

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