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Karam Apna Apna: Destiny's Child

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By: Arya Aiyappan
Thursday, January 25, 2007

Everyone is tight-lipped, but the question keeps gnawing within - will Gauri live or will she have to sacrifice her life for Shiv. Gauri-Shiv according to mythical allusions is the inseparable couple bonded in love, though the reverse seems to be reflected in the serial "Karam Apna Apna" in Star Plus.

Eager audience are craving to see their onscreen couple Shiv and Gauri united in love, but for Ipshita, nothing seems to bring them closer to one another to realize their feelings for one another. "Karam Apna Apna" comes with a string of surprises every week be it Gauri's marriage to Shiv, Shashank's return, Nikhila's secret motives, Shiv-Ipshita love affair, prophecies surrounding Gauri's death and to the latest Ipshita's consent to marry Anupam. The story has slowly shifted its focus to the two couples Shiv-Gauri and Anupam-Ipshita. Shiv and Ipshita share a unique love-relationship much to Gauri's ignorance and cannot acknowledge it openly either.

Of late Shiv has started reciprocating to Gauri's feelings and has a soft corner for her. That Shiv lovingly tends to Gauri after she is slightly injured in a fire accident has aroused jealousy in Ipshita. There are endearing scenes of love and companionship when Shiv takes Gauri to the seaside to fulfill her wishes before she dies. It is touching to note Gauri's unflinching love for Shiv regardless of being aware that her days are numbered and that Nihkila is still plotting against her. "Karam Apna Apna" is in a festive mood with the family deciding to get Ipshita and Anupam married.

Neither Ipshita nor Shiv can acknowledge this decision and all their plans to topple the whole marriage with the help of Guruji have failed miserably. Shiv who has not come to terms with Ipshita's marriage news has decided to forsake the engagement ceremony and opened his mind out to Anupam. He openly proclaimed his love for someone else a profound influence in his life other than Gauri. Shiv does not pay heed to Anupam's advice to be honest to Gauri and showers his love on her than on anyone else, for according to Anupam the other girl will eventually ditch Shiv.

"Karam Apna Apna" revolves around the Karma principle intertwined with fate or destiny that ordains every life. Will fate decide Gauri's life or will the audience' prayers be heard?

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