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Poorvi Joshi content with comedy

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Friday, March 30, 2007

This actress had made her entry into the television industry with soaps, and now we can see her in rib-tickling comedy show, 'The Comedy Show Ha Ha Ha' on Star One. It has been three years since she entered into comedy and a one of the very few female actresses who want to make people laugh.

You are anchoring 'Comedy Honors' on Star Gold. So what is it all about?
'Comedy Honours' is a show which will be aired on Star Gold all throughout the month of April. It will be a tribute to the Indian comedy excellence. There we will be honoring the Indian comedy legend like Mehmood saab, there will be airing of comedy films all throughout the month. There will be trivia and competitions too. I will be anchoring all these shows along with Shreyas Talpade.

You are doing a lot of comedy now-a-days. Since when have you been doing this?
It has been a very long time now. You can say around three years that I have been doing comedy. And believe me, it is fun.

You started your career with dramas. So what led you into comedy?
Well it was just a chance. It was around three years back that this incident occurred. I was approached for this comedy show which is running on Star One now. I had been working with Suresh Menon and he suggested my name. I gave it a try and got into it finally.

Are you looking to doing dramas again?
Yes why not. I would love to do a serial again. If the script and the story are interesting and the character is good I would certainly take it up. But at present I'm not doing any serial.

So have you received any offers yet?
I have received a few offers and have also gone through a lot of scripts. Some were good, some bad. But I really have not received something that I really find interesting. So I'm still waiting for those kinds of roles and as soon as I find it I will do it.

You have also done a comedy film 'Ghoom' for MTV. So have you given films a thought as well?
Yes yes! Why not? I have never thought of not doing films. But I need something interesting to do, only then can I take it up. Till now there has been nothing good my way. So I'm waiting.

Is comedy difficult?
Yes it is. Most of us do not understand but comedy is a difficult business. It is not just about delivering your lines. It is about the performance that has to be put in. It takes a lot to bring a smile to a person's face. People don't laugh easily.

How does it feel to be able to bring a smile to people's face?
It is very contenting when you see people smiling because of you. In today's world people smile very rarely so I'm happy that I am being able to contribute from my part to bring a smile on people's faces.

Are you a witty person?
(Laughs) Guess so. I think you should ask people who converse with me. I can handle comedy well on screen and hopefully off screen too.

Are you looking forward to doing more of anchoring too?
It is a different thing for me altogether and yes I will be looking to anchoring more shows too. I want to do live anchoring also. Actually for 'Comedy Honors', there will be an award ceremony at the end of April which I will anchor. So I am looking forward to a lot of things.

You have been in this industry since a long time now. So what changes have you witnessed?
Television has gone through a lot of changes. It has become more glamorized and happening. Due to immense competition quality of programs are getting better. Well it is a booming industry.

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