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'Left Right Left' has changed me a lot: Priyanka Bassi

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beginning her career with 'Left Right Left', Priyanka 'Naina' Bassi has proved herself as an actress in the television industry. It is now going to be almost a year with the show and thus we decided to speak to Priyanka Bassi for her views, plans and new news regarding her. Here is an excerpt.

How does it feel after about a year with the show?
It is a great feeling and I love playing my character. I'm lucky that I'm associated with 'LRL' and really thankful to Tony and Diya Singh for coming up with a show like this. The concept is so new and the characters are all so well etched out.

Did you expect the same response when you had joined the show?
There was a bit of little nervousness initially, but there was always a feeling inside me that it would do well. The show has a brilliant concept, filled with youthfulness and it has created its niche. What is even better is that even the older generations are identifying with it. It feels great when the grand parents come up to me and say that we want a grandchild like Naina.

How much do you identify with the character?
I identify a lot with Naina, except for the fact that Priyanka is not as physically strong as Naina. Naina does not think once before climbing a tree, but Priyanya will think hundred times before climbing a tree and fear falling down from it. Unlike Priyanka, Naina also has many shades and is vulnerable. Otherwise we are quite similar.

How has your journey been so far?
It has been a brilliant journey so far. I have got good co-stars and a good learning experience.

Any particular incident that you recall?
Yes, I remember the sequence when I had to hang upside down a tree and do the shots. It took around five hours for the sequence to complete. But all the co-actors appreciated me for the performance and it did come out pretty good. I used to climb the tree and then they used to suspend me with the help of a harness. It was tough, but I took it as a challenge. Blood had clotted on my head and so I had to take a leave the next day.

How comfortable are you playing Naina, an Army girl?
Playing Naina has become my habit now, but Naina an Army girl is a little tough for me. I was a girl who used to think so much about her skin and the way she carries herself, but now I'm no longer like that. You will always find me with wounds and bruises and a tanned skin. But I really like playing my character.

How is your rapport with your co-stars? Are you missing Shveta Salve?
We are all young so there is a very good rapport among us. There is always something or the other happening on the sets. We really have a good time. I'm happy that I have got to work with such good people. I'm missing Shveta a lot. She is such a good actress and whenever I was sitting with her she used to keep giving me tips, as she has been in this filed for some time now.

It seems that a love track is going to start between your and Gaurav Chopra's characters?
No, it cannot be called a love track, but Naina does feel for Gaurav because after Rajeev, he is the only one who she can confide in and is comfortable with .Also because Gaurav's character was close to Naveen, she finds him trustworthy.

How long is it going to take for you to solve all the mysteries?
(Laughs) I really do not know what is going to happen and how long is it going to take. But that is keeping the show going.

What about Huda?
(Laughs again) I do not know that too. He is just like his onscreen image, but the intense part of Vikas has not yet been shown in Huda yet.

According to you, what are the changes that have happened to 'LRL' post the break?
Well, post the break, all the six of will have better etched out characters and our individual stories will begin. Now, you are going to see as to what each one of them wants to attain in life and if they are successful in that.

Have you received any other offers?
(Laughs) I have received a lot of offers, but Naina is keeping me going and excited so I am not signing anything as of now.

You have been linked up with your co-stars. Do you think people are misinterpreting your friendly nature?
(Laughs) Yes, it is true that of late I have been linked with my co-star and it was shocking for me to read the first such article written about me. I was worried that my parents would question me. But then, I had a talk with them and they have also understood that it is a part and parcel of the game. Any young pretty girl working in the industry with men around her, people are going to write about her. I'm lucky that I have such good co-stars as friends. I have learnt to laugh over such matters.

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