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Riva defends her rapist son

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Riva Bubber, who is now in the lime-light, thanks to Star Plus' mega serial 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', justifies her act of protecting her rapist son Mayank.

How does it feel playing a mother to teenage children?
See it is just a role and I take it accordingly. It has not happened gradually; I have been working in 'Kyunki...' for almost four years now, so it was not sudden. Frankly speaking I would not do it for another new show. You know it is awkward being a mother of people of the same age as you.

So is it not difficult to emote?
Yes it is especially when you know that your 'children' are of the same age or even elder to you. I only call my niece and nephew 'beta' and it does feel awkward. But I know it is just a character that I'm playing.

You are now protecting your son Mayank by blaming someone else. So can we presume that your character has turned grey?
Look, I think that it is justified. Mayank is basically not a bad guy and neither is he mentally sound. He is also in love with Krishna Tulsi and does not think what he has done is wrong. So under such circumstances, a mother would protect her son.

Do you think in real life too a mother would have resorted to protect her child in such a situation?
Firstly I wish that in real life, such a situation would not arise. Secondly I'm not a mother yet so I do not know what a mother would have done. But I think that going by the situation, a mother would have protected her son.

According to you what is the difference between Tulsi and Damini because Tulsi had shot her son for the crime?
Well, Tulsi is one of those people who are just and nothing comes in the way of her justice, be it her own son. She is a kind of demigod who treats everyone equally. On the other hand I would say that Damini is more human. She is emotional and flows by emotions and thus I protect my son. There is a scene where I even say this to Tulsi. This is the major difference between their characters.

Do you feel that playing such a mature character would not get you younger roles?
I think people are smart. They know that it is a mere character that I'm playing and what my actual age is. So it is not that I will not get these characters where I play a young woman.

Are you satisfied with the character?
Yes, I'm extremely satisfied with the kind of role that I'm playing. It has been four years hence and I have not got bored.

So how does it feel graduating from a teenager to a mother?
It feels good. I have had my time of playing a teenager and after my marriage and the leap, I have become a mother. It has been gradual and I'm enjoying it.

How do you manage to wear a saree all throughout the day?
Yes, initially it was difficult but now I have become used to it. Due to this everyday practice, I have become fast in wearing a saree. Moreover I always loved sarees. I still wear them at award functions. I feel it is a beautiful attire for Indian women. But frankly I do not like wearing suits. I'm more comfortable in jeans and tops rather than wearing salwar suit everyday. But I would wear it the situation demands.

You are a dog lover?
Yes, I have loved pets ever since my childhood. My mother gifted me my very first dog when I was around eleven years old. Then when two of our dogs died, we decided not to buy any because it would hurt a lot. But of late I could not help but get a dog. I have two dogs at present. I pray they stay healthy and fine.

You also own a dog parlour?
Yes, I do own a dog parlour. I also make it a point to take my dogs there for grooming. Of late I have not had time to take them there too often, but whenever I visit parlour, I make it a point to take them too.

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