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Chit-chat with Sai

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Saara Akash girl Sai Deodar feels that she is lucky enough to be working with her husband Shakti Anand again and is happy to experience a new twist in tale of Ek Ladki Anjani Si... Having married recently, Sai is ecstatic that this will give them an opportunity to spend more time together even while working. Here is the excerpt of a recent tÊte-À-tÊte we had with her.

Q: How does it feel to work with your husband Shakti Anand again after Saara Akash?
A: It is a great feeling as we started our career together as the lead pair in Saara Akash three-and-half years ago and from there we became friends and then got married! Now we are again working together in Ek Ladki Anjani Si. This is a very nice experience as it is easy to co-ordinate and we both try to give our best in the scenes.

Q: Do you consider yourself lucky to be able to work with your husband, as the time schedules are too hectic these days?
A: Oh yes, I do feel that I am very lucky to be able to work together as I can now spend my whole day with him. This is the golden period of my married life and we need to spend more time with each other. Moreover, I am happy to know that our audiences like us together. Sometimes people don't like off-screen pair to pair on screen too, but the success of Ek Ladki Anjani Si has proved that audiences like to see us together on screen too.

Q: Has there never been any tiffs between both of you during the shooting?
A: See, at the end of the day we are individuals and so there is definitely differences in opinions. However, the best part is that he respects my ideas, views and beliefs so he just tells me what he thinks but at the same time leaves the decision on me. He never forces anything on me, so there is never any major tiff between us.

Q: How was your experience playing a double role?
A: It was a very nice experience, as I have already done similar things before in Saara Akash. So it was easy to play a double role this time too. The only difference was that in Saara Akash I played a negative as well as a positive role, while here it all positive. But, it was great as there was lot to do in one show only. The only problem was that it becomes too hectic in a daily show.

Q: There is a new twist added to the show...
A: Yes, as the show must go on and as one track ends, a new track has been introduced now. The audiences too have liked more of thrill and suspense in Ek Ladki Anjani Si, so we thought of introducing a new track with lots of thrill, suspense and drama.

Q: Can we expect to see Nikhil (Shakti Anand) in a negative role?
A: Right now I have no idea, as there is a lot of suspense in track regarding the past of Nikhil. Now lets see how it works out...

Q: Is there a new love triangle coming up between you, Nikhil and Aryan (Ajay Gehi)?
A: It seems that audiences like love triangles so if they like it we will show it. But still I don't know anything about it.

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