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"I would kill myself if I woke up one morning and realized that I had turned into Jade Goody" - Shilpa Shetty

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

She held her own on an international reality show she fought what's bad and what's "goody' and emerged victorious today, she is back on the star radar she is an ambassador against racism and she is a household name in Britain Karan's first guest is the super glamorous and very hot Shilpa Shetty. His second guest is the acting star of today, who is doing exceptionally well and is going to go from strength to strength in the future, Shilpa's younger sister Shamita. Also, joining them is a woman who means the world to them and has always been a pillar of strength, she is none other than Shilpa and Shamita's mother Sunanda Shetty.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Ok, how does it feel to be on the show I know I am giving too much importance to myself by asking you this question, but how does it feel?
Shilpa: It feels weird
Karan: Weird? That's a first why would you feel weird?
Shilpa: Its feels weird because you know we have known each other as friends and you can get away with a lot but, I really don't know the feelings are mixed

Karan: But, it's such a sweet innocent, almost like harmless show So, why should you feel weird?
Shilpa: Am I still on Koffee with Karan? (laughs)

Karan: What was the worst thing Jade Goody said to you
Shilpa: I think behind my back most of the things were said that's the reason, it created the furor it did it became this whole international incident I think we as a race Indians, are pretty tolerant we tend to forgive and forget more easily and that's exactly what I did I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and even after those fights I just wanted to move on because I was like, this is just a show and I am going to go back home and honestly Karan, I took up the show because, I didn't think I would last that long I told Anurag, I left Metro and I told him, listen this is a great opportunity, they have told an Indian to be on the show, Main jaaongi, bahut saara paise bhi de rahe hain, aur mujhe kya karna hain.. I just have to be myself So, I am just going to have a good time and come back and I said keep the shoot after two weeks, I will be out in 2 weeks (laughs)

Karan: (laughs) So you never thought that you would ever ever win?
Shilpa: Not in my life it was a dream

Karan: What about Jade Goody had you heard of her?
Shilpa: No, I hadn't heard of her

Karan: Neither have I
Shilpa: Ya people in the UK know her

Karan: Have you been in touch with her have you had any kind of interaction with her?
Shilpa: No

Karan: Not at all
Shilpa: No not as yet.

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