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"There is need for more comedy shows on TV": Sounia Kapoor

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Friday, June 15, 2007

After the ouster of Kavita Kapoor from 'Yess Boss" the task of playing the new Meera has been handed over to the glamorous Sounia Kapoor. 'Yess Boss" will soon be back on television in a new 'avtaar". This time the story will be placed in a new channel. We recently caught up with this beautiful actress to find out more.

How are you feeling playing the new Meera in 'Yess Boss"?
Oh! it a good feeling. I"m happy that I got to be a part of such a good and long running show. The production house is also very good and I"m looking forward to work with them.

What are the changes that you are going to bring to Meera?
Nothing. Actually, the character was earlier being played by an extremely talented actress. I do not want to step into her shoes. The show has changed and so has the concept. So I will play the character according to what has been narrated to me.

The show is now based on a news channel, what are you playing?
Yes, the show is based on a news channel and I will be the head of a department.

Yet another glamorous role?
Oh God! someone please give me a non-glamorous role. I think that people like me in such roles. But this time the show itself is going to be back in a glamorous role.

How comfortable are you doing comedy?
Absolutely. I personally like to do comedy. Unfortunately, after 'Remix" I did not get any such roles. So as soon as 'Yess Boss" came to me I grabbed the opportunity.

Do you think it is difficult to make people laugh?
No, I do not think it is difficult to make people laugh. See, if a script is well written and the actor delivers is well then people are going to laugh. They have no other choice.

What do you think makes 'Yess Boss" click?
See, the concept of this show is different as well as interesting. The plot of every episode is interesting and thus grasps audience. Every character is well sketched out in the show. The character of Meera, her husband Mohan or the boss Mr. Verma behaves the same in every episode. You will not find their character changing.

Do you feel that there is a need for more shows like 'Yess Boss"?
Yes, there is a need for many more comedy shows on television. I believe that television is a medium for entertainment and people want to watch shows, which will entertain; something that is light hearted. I don"t want to watch a heave drama after I return home for the day"s work.

Then why, according to you, it is not happening?
I think that there is a scarcity of good writers in the industry. If more comedy shows are launched, then their quality should not be cheap. For it you need good writers who can think for good and comic stuff.

You have also done a Persian film. Tell a little about it.
Yes, the film is named 'Panaah" and is based on the recent Afghan war and how it changed the life of people there. I"m playing an Afgani girl who is in love with a man. Now this man has to leave for some reason and does not come back. So she has lost him and is all alone during the war. Thus, she seeks shelter in India and the shelter is given to her in the form of marrying a man. She gets married off to man who would provide her the much needed shelter.

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