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Stars speak on 'World Women's Day'

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reshmi Ghosh (Bhoomi of Kyuni Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahiu Thi)
Having a day for the women, for AIDS or anything like this is a problem. We dedicate a single day for particular things, especially women. Today, women are moving ahead each day and a man should celebrate women every day. Women create life and help a man to create his identity (If a man hears this he is going to kill me). She should be respected.

I am sure that the women are being given what they deserve. But more need to be done in this regard.

So much awareness is being created all around these days to enable the women to get the rights they deserve. People are lending a hand to help them come out of the nutshell. We are there to give them a helping hand.

Ketki Dave (Daksha of kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi)
For me, every day is a Women's Day. I feel great and proud to be a woman. I think nobody equals a woman. She is so great that she does not need a day to prove her greatness.

No, I don't think that all women are being given the right they deserve. They are very much unprivileged. They have not been able to come out of the boundary. Those who have been able to come out of the restrictions have come out only on their own.

In my opinion, the women in India should be aware of her rights. She should want them, speak for them and go ahead with it.

Neetu Chandra (Bollywood Actor)
I think this world is not possible without women. They play a very important role in the society. Without them nothing would be possible. I cannot put it in words but women are very important. This is what is the importance of the Women's Day to me is.

We are in the process of getting what we deserve. I mean our rights. I am sure that within a couple of years we will get it. In the metros women are aware and professional, but gradually all place will have the same privileges.

Education, according to me, is very important for a woman to secure her rights. Be it in any caste or creed, education for women is a must. Through education women will know their rights and duties.

Kirti Kelkar (Chandni of Saat Phere)
Well I'm a woman. My mother is also a woman so I believe more in motherhood. A woman has a lot of qualities and we should cherish a woman. For me this is the most important feeling on the Women's Day

I feel not all women are given the right they deserve. Actually it is a mixed answer. Some get what they deserve and there are many who do not get what they deserve.

According to me, the women should play smart and play cool for their rights. It will come to you. Make people understand. Be attentive and know your rights.

Rupali Ganguly (Bollywood actress)
For me the Women's Day is a great day to honour women.

I think in the metros we are privileged that we get what we deserve. There are some pockets in India where women are not as privileged like us. There is infanticide still happening. But we do not have time to do something for them.

In such areas the women are conditioned like that right from birth. So there is nothing they can do. Once when I was in Gujarat shooting I saw a 9-year-old girl who was married. It is we who can do something for them. They are unable to raise their voice. I would certainly want to go to such pockets and do something for them

Sayali Bhagat (Former Miss India and Bollywood actress)
If I were to gauge the conditions of women as a whole, it would be quite difficult. It differs on their economic classes. In certain cases, it has got the best from better and in certain other from bad to worse. A lot of facilities are limited to just the urban women and the rural women are left with nothing. A lot has to be done.

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