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Swetta Keswani is a gizmo freak

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Swetta Keswani
Actress Swetta Keswani is a gizmo freak. In a recent interview with us, she confesses to us her favourite gadgets and gizmos

Which are your favorite gizmos?
I have recently bought this speaker cum charger which I use with my cell phone. It is very comfortable and doesn"t hurt my ears at all.

Any gizmos you have, but you don't use?
Yes, I have this Discman which I bought years ago and one tiny thumb size mp3 device which I don"t use anymore because I have got a new N series cellphone where I can store up to 1500-2000 songs.

Besides talking and messaging, what else do you use your cell phone for?
I use it for taking pictures in parties because it has a good resolution camera, of 1.3 mega pixel. Also while travelling, I like to click natural pictures of trees, lakes and anything that attracts me and then I send these pictures to my friends.

Do you think camera phones are a nuisance with voyeurs using it to invade people especially (women)"s privacy?
I don"t know because this has never happened with me.

How would you feel, if you lost your phone?
I will feel miserable because it is very costly and I have bought it with my hard earned money. But I won"t lose my numbers because I have a backup of my mobile phone memory in my computer.

Which internet sites do you access?
Anytime if I need any information about anything, Google comes to my aid. I also have my personal email id at G mail which is affiliated to Google. Apart from this I use Microsoft outlook and have a couple of email ids on other sites too.

Have you ever bought anything online?
I used to do that when I was in the US but not anymore here. As the customer service here is very poor. Once you buy something and figure out any fault in it, they are not going to help you while in US the service is very prompt. I still ask my sister in the US to buy stuff online if she finds something cool.

So you don't think it's safe to buy stuff online?
In the US, its safe but in India I have no idea as I don"t buy anything online here.

Where do you buy your gizmos from?
Recently I started visiting Croma. The products there seem to be good but again the customer service is little tough to get.

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