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    "The whole concept of serials needs to change" - Achint Kaur

    By Staff
    Achint Kaur
    Achint Kaur is finally back to where she belongs! The tall and versatile actress who has been the face of the most popular vamp in Television, Mandira in Ekta Kapoor's longest running serial, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi makes a comeback to the serial, and with this, continue the never-ending problems for the Viraanis. Here is the actress getting candid on her comeback to the serial

    You are back in Kyunki, what changes have you seen in 'Kyunki' from the time you had left this show?
    Yes I am coming back in 'Kyunki...' but there is no drastic change here, everything is happening as it was before.

    Tell us about your role in 'Kyunki'. What can the audience expect from Mandira now?
    I am playing the same Mandira but yes the story line is being developed, finalized and worked on at the moment, but regarding characterization there is no difference at all. It has got the negative shades in it.

    You have been playing negative roles in most of the serials, was Vedika of Virudh too a negative one?
    No, till now, I have portrayed as negative in just three serials. As regards Vedika in Viruddh, I would say that was a complex character, not positive not negative. It started with a positive shade, but over period of time, it turned grey, but Vedika was never extremely negative.

    You like doing your own stunts, isn't it?
    Whatever little I have done till now, I have done it on my own. I enjoy doing it.

    Any other show which is in the pipeline currently.
    No, right now I am starting with 'Kyun ki...' lets see what happens after that.

    Do you enjoy negative roles or you like doing positive roles?
    I like all but I do not like the negative roles offered in television these days, it's quite boring and dark, the point of view is very dark. I like to do different roles and I don't have any issues regarding that. Actually I get bored if I have to do the same thing all the time.

    Any plans to become an anchor if you are offered any?
    No, it is not something that I have really enjoyed till date, I think it is not my cup of tea, and I am not made for it. If something interesting comes which really is of my interest, then yes of course I would like to try, why not!

    So what are the characters you like to play?
    Anything that is different from what I have done so far, I am game to it.

    You were appreciated in Corporate, why haven't you continued with films after that?
    Yes I was, but had a very small part in it. I have not tried in that way but I am doing a cameo in Annant Mahadevan's film Anamika.

    Didn't you have any offers for films after that?
    Offers come, it's not like that, but it has to make some difference to your life.

    Do you want to be in films or do you want to stick to television?
    I want to act be it in films or in television, I have no issues. I just want to portray different characters like every actor wants to, that's all I want to do. I want to keep entertaining my audiences through out my life.

    Irrespective of your work, you are always in the news even for personal reasons, why is that?
    I have never ever been in news for any personal reasons; I don't remember anything happening like that.

    Is your son interested in acting too?
    No, on the contrary he is just the opposite of me; he doesn't want to do all these, he is up to something else.

    Nowadays, every soap is a clone of other one, what do you have to say about it?
    Of course because everybody copies Balaji, nobody has their own identity. When the Star Plus- the Balaji formula works, then after that all realize that they have no identity of our own, so let's follow them. The whole concept is basically boring as everything is the same. In a way it is good that it has reached this level, there will surely be changes now as people are getting tired with the old concepts.

    Don't you think you need changes very soon?
    Of course we need, the very fact that we are talking about it is in itself is because an awareness is setting in.

    What about reality shows?
    Reality shows are based on human emotions, so obviously they are different but on my personal choice they don't excite me so much. A person like me will enjoy shows like Fear Factor rather than the usual dance and singing shows.

    Are celebrity-based reality shows more popular than those without any celebrity?
    All kinds of shows do well, like Sa Re Ga Ma and all do very well. It only depends on what you want at a particular time. Like Nach Baliye and similar shows attract you most, but shows like Chak De Bachche too do well. They are all with different concepts and they all work very well. Shows like Nach Baliye down the line after five to six seasons might not get the best of celebrities, but the hype is still there and they will still work.

    Where do you yourself see five years from now?
    Five years from now, I don't see myself anywhere I just see myself as far as today is concerned, that is too long time for me to do.

    So you mean to say that you have not planned anything yet?
    Yes, because what I am today may be I will be a different person tomorrow. I am not setting any target in my life, and just want to take life as it comes.

    Are you happy with your career graph?
    Its ok, I am not so excited about it because I don't think that I have done something great in my life or achieved anything, let's see, Insha Allah!

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