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Bigg Boss 2 : Bitching Zindabad

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Bigg Boss 2
Bitching is the buzzword. Bitching for vengeance, money, fun and last but not the least for fame. When bitching has become the magic mantra of this age, how can our innocent television screens be left behind in the rat race. With an upsurge of reality shows on the small screen, sadly the irony remains that daily soaps hardly fit the bill of providing drama with all the nitty-gritty exposed. If talent shows such as Laughter Challenges, Indian idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Fear Factor were not enough our Bigg Boss season 2 on Colors has come with a tag of guarantee, to be meaner and dirtier than its predecessor. True to its claim, season 2 has thrown away all canons of propriety and media ethics.

It was a wonderful idea when so many celebrities were brought under one roof. If you think that the whole idea was of getting to know one another, sharing their thoughts and space, you have got that right but with a difference. They share the common roof only to settle scores and outdo their comrades in the challenging game of bitching. Bigg Boss 1 had Kashmira Shah, Ravi Kishen and others with their swords drawn against the poor brat Rakhi Sawant. But she is no match to Sambhavana, Payal, Raja and Rahul, the masters in this game. The game is hardly played by the rules and there is no love lost between them. When Sambhavana and lately Payal were evicted, audiences were forced to opt for a second opinion; the inmates would change for the better with one troublemaker out of the house. The house is brimming full with trouble pokers, no one to be spared.

Tensions pull up the TRP rating of every reality show. They are the USP factors. But one reality show selling due its sheer dirty politics is pathetic as it can be termed. When Raja and Sambhavana fought or cuddled up parents had to force their children to retire to bed. If Payal branding Sambhavana down market and conversely Sambhavana raising questions on Payal's moral integrity were not all then they brought back Monica Bedi to spice up the show with a new twist to the tale, a love triangle. Rahul veritably proving his gossip mongers true as the spoiled brat is hardly bothered about his deceased father Pramod Mahajan's honourable legacy. He was the hero torn between Payal and Monica unable to realize his real love interest. But with Payal's eviction he has shifted his loyalties completely to Monica. Shahrukh, Salman and all the others would be forced to retire if our hero is willing to cross every limit to woo his lay or rather ladies.

When we go for an audience poll, the scales are forever tilted. For a while all fingers pointed at Sambhavana, but with her eviction, Payal was pulled up to adorn that position. And now that Payal has been evicted as well, it needs to be seen who would be next soft target! Forming opinions is definitely a basic right, but not at the cost of biased gender opinions. Crucifying the female species can hardly be the solution, when the men on the show are by no inch better.

Raja and Rahul outdo the women unwilling to budge an inch, Ehsaan is truly the politician to the core, Zulfi is the vily schemer, Ashutosh knows his moves and Debojit the loner left behind is a silent party to the proceedings. It was indeed a revelation when Diana confessed that her hitherto safe-guarded celebrity image was in for a toss, the price to be paid for being on the show. Shilpa Shetty is the esteemed host who has won the title in a foreign land. She rode the pinnacle of success, but not on the grounds of talent, but for bitching!

With Bigg Boss 2, the word 'fun' has assumed new connotations. Gone are the days of Bulandi, Hum Log, Malgudi Days, Chanakya and other wholesome entertainment shows. Let alone anger and sorrow, integrity and decorum the cardinal virtues by which media stands by are at stake. Better late than never; the complaint lodged by the Congress youth wing against the show for propagating indecency, has come at the most opportune moment. Why bring out the beast in us to the forefront? If bitching is the new age reality then Television is heading to God forbidden future with Bigg Boss 2 when there would be no room for demons of our classic ages.

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