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Diana Hayden is happy for Ashutosh

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Diana Hayden is out of the Bigg Boss house but her spirit still remains the same. When she entered the house, there was a feeling that she would be aloof and snobbish. But Diana like the girl next door cooked, cleaned, washed, learnt Hindi and had a promising friendship with Ashutosh Kaushik. Owing to that there were loads of teasing and tension in the house. This strong mutual affection also scared the rest and they ended up alienating and nominating the two.

The warmth that existed between Ashutosh and Diana made great viewing. Diana maintains that it was just a friendship. She's reportedly said, "Ashu's a very good friend and an honest guy. It was a case of two different people sticking together, but we are just friends."

She dismissed the love seen in Ashutosh's eyes by saying, "Ashu is a big nautanki. But, it was sad that he had been completely cut off by others, and I preferred to stay with him most of the time because I can't ditch a friend. I am happy that I am out and Ashu has survived, because I can earn Rs. one crore (prize money) easily, but he can't do it right away. So, it's important for him to win as he has to marry his sister off and establish himself. Later, he will also be able to earn big money."

She also made it a point to complain, "For the past two weeks, things have really got very dirty, and they are getting nastier by the day. Rahul and Monica are playing the dirtiest game. Monica lies through her teeth and Rahul isolates people by accusing them of all kinds of things." It will be interesting to see what course Diana's life takes after this.

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