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Ekta Kapoor sells ticket to Bollywood

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Ekta Kapoor
Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor is now stepping into the world of reality shows with Lux Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket. The winner of the show would be getting a dream chance to debut in Bollywood. Let"s see what this lady has to share with us about her show and also let us find out why all the tele-star contestants associated with the show are been chosen from Balaji camp itself.

What is the motto of the show?
We want to play a very fair game. We want a couple that stands with a lot of attitude, confident and of course style. We have divided to group people into four parts, three participants in each as East, West, North and Central zones. We have left out south because they have got their own set of industry. I think by the end of the show we will have at least one couple who will be a part of the film to be produced by Balaji.

Why only all the Balaji stars are there in this show?
If you see other reality shows also you will find majority of them are the Balaji stars. So fortunately or unfortunately we have 80% of the television stars who are from Balaji.

Then why none of 20% of the non Balaji stars are here?
Our first conversation with 9X was that it should be a show with the popular television stars and when we started selecting, the most popular stars we found were all associated with Balaji only. Our reactions after that were well like... Ouch!

Why did you choose this concept?
India is very wide and in this way everyone gets a chance to choose their own superstar or icon. And moreover, we plan to give exposure to many people who normally don't get it from their respective places. People from Mumbai get a lot of exposure but those living in the interior parts remain deprived from all these.

How were the mentors selected?
They are strongly connected with each of their respective reasons. Shabanaji's family is from the East, Zeenathji's father is from Bhopal, Amritaji is from North and Maheshji is from West. All these mentors want to get the best out from their respective areas.

Since everyone will not get a ticket to Bollywood, will the runners up and others who lose be retained to television with Balaji?
Yes, the idea for all these is that the talent comes in front of the eyes of the people. The country will select their own superstars and the people who become the runner up are already stars and have reached the status, so automatically they come in the lime light.

We also saw a show earlier called Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj in which all the contestants almost gone lost once the show was over. So, what can we expect from this show?
We don't know about other shows but we will be very fair towards everyone in this show. We have announced the film earlier and will be coming out with the promos soon and on the day of the last episode of this show we will have the mahurat of the film.

Is it also a celebrity show?
Umm, it's a couple of non-celebrities with a celebrity. And the couple will be there as an important part of the film.

Was Zeenath Aman, who is coming for the first time in television, your first choice?
I am a big admirer of Zeenath Amam. I think anyone born in 70s or late 70s has been a great admirer of her. She was the face of glamour, beauty of Bollywood and is a real trendsetter. It is still unbelievable for me that I am working with her.

Why the show is called a 'War'?
See, if I would have come as a newcomer and I had to struggle a lot to make my place in Bollywood it won't have been just mere a competition for me rather it would have appeared as a war for me. I would have called it a war or something more than that; may be a big time war. What more can I say!

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