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When Rakhi Sawant showz: Why do we watch?

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Rakhi Sawant
She is sizzling, spicy and sensuous but words betray her. Crudeness of language, audacity to strike you right at your face or rather the candidness to call a spade a spade, makes our controversy queen Rakhi Sawant popular amongst the popular themselves. Hailing from an ordinary Marathi Hindu family with conventional trappings, one would never have imagined that this lean girl with an hour glass figure would go on to become one of the most sought after celebrities or rather India's sizzling item girl. With year after year as new faces come to the limelight, Rakhi has successfully maintained her position. What does it take to be a Rakhi Sawant? That's new age fad.

Entering into the glitzy world of cinema with her sensuous dance numbers to woo the audience, she made a not so striking presence through her earlier films. However when the small screen caught up with her, she became the century's cindrella. What followed was a string of interviews, with the actress baring her soul before the audience ever ready for the Rakhi shockers. While the scandalous Mika kissing episode highlighted the tragic persona in her, Big Boss Season 1aired on Sony Tv caught her on camera as at once a hapless woman or the fighter cock. Bravely listing out her accusations against other members of the Big Boss household, she captured the attention of the audience, evoking ripples laughter though. With every reality show she outdid even Ekta Kapoor to grab the title 'queen of reality soaps'. Never shy or coy or rather tired of the limelight, dance shows Nach Baliye and Yeh Hai Jalwa, hailed her vociferously for her dedication to dance. Rakhi and her chiller party procured a terrific victory through Yeh Hai Jalwa; a sweet reply to her critics. However the question looming large is what makes her so special? The answer is truly a bitter fact summarised in one word - to be 'shameless'. In these days of cut throat competition, Rakhi has no qualms about her skimpy clothes or her outspokenness. When she firmly believes in the dictum everything is public, she can afford to discuss her fear of Urvashi Dholakia trying to seduce Abhishek (Rakhi's boyfriend) or Shilpa Shetty trying to settle her scores with Jade Goody through Bigg Boss 2.

Nonetheless, Rakhi's USP lies in striking a chord with the mass audience. It maybe that people are able to relate with her as she speaks aloud her thoughts or bravely faces the tune. Touching our hidden urge to retaliate, she represents our repressed id in the Freudian sense of the term. So when Rakhi was roped in by Zoom Television, they definitely wanted to utilize the market value of Rakhi Sawant, with the tantalizing title When Rakhi Sawant Showz. The catch line is evidently that the actress is out there to seduce both her participants and her audience alike and leave something to chew upon once the channel is changed or television is switched off. But honestly viewers have come across a new Rakhi Sawant, the polite and obliging anchor putting her celebrity guests at ease, Aamir Khan or Shilpa Shetty or for the matter anyone else. Who could raise their daggers against her when the media news thirsty is willing to be her abiding shadow. Rakhi has learnt the rules of the game , 'make hay while the sun shines'. So there she is ready to give you a piece of her mind, no matter she is asked for or not.

Speaking from her heart, she is endearing to her loving spectators, for whom she vouchsafes the highest entertainment and energy quotient. So as said oft, whether you like her or hate her, you cannot afford to ignore her. She is truly our very own Rakhi Sawant.

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