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Sambhavna washes dirty Bigg Boss linen again!

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Sambhavna Seth
The buzz is that Sambhavna Seth was ousted from the Bigg Boss house as her overall attitude was way too in-your-face and made her sound and look vulgar. So that might make her an open person who says what she feels, but then that's something which also worked against her big time.

As expected, Sambhavna spilled the beans and washed some linen in public the day she was voted out of the Bigg Boss house. Maybe she thinks being open and blatant like Rakhi Sawant (which Sambhavna is not since Rakhi was much more entertaining) would help her non- happening career from now on.

She has revealed a lot about the'limelight seeking participants' of the show. And the receiving end of most of her wrath is her sworn enemy and fellow Bollywood wannabe Payal Rohtagi. And in her true style, Sambhavna dropped another bomb when she questioned the nature of Payal and Rahul's relationship once again, this time even very blatantly. Of course Sambhavna is in no mood to forgive and forget the 'misery' Payal caused her.

She's been quoted as saying, "Payal is a complete fake! Woh duniya ki sabse ghatiya aurat hai! The height is that she used to call me down-market. And what about her? She and Rahul slept in the same bed till wee hours under the same blanket. They kissed each other and even used the bathroom together on the pretext of washing their clothes. Kaun jaane andar kya karte the?" Now that's one huge allegation! No wonder this season of Bigg Boss has been called vulgar and unfit for a family audience!

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