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Shalini Kapoor tries publicity stunts

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Shalini Kapoor
Was Shalini Kapoor who plays the title role in Sagar Arts' "Jai Maa Durga" trying for some extra publicity lately? Recently, Shalini had made some claims saying that she has not only stopped eating non-vegetarian food during the shoot of the show, but also convinced the cast and crew members to follow her. However, sources confirm that it's utterly untrue and the reality is she might be the only one following this. The cast members are not interested in her oath.

During the launch of the show, Shalini had proclaimed, "I had made a wish (mannat) that if I am selected for this role then I will follow vegetarianism whenever I am in the Goddess' get up or shooting for the show. Since the shooting goes on for 15 days in a month, I stick to a vegetarian diet." During the talk, she had also added that in spite of this being a personal thing, she had asked the cast and crew members to stop eating non-vegetarian food while she is around.

She had then said, "Since we are shooting in Baroda and while shooting outdoors we don't get to eat good food and there is a trend to eat omlette-pav (bun) in the shoot. I have banned it while I was there shooting". But what we heard from our source is exactly the opposite.

Says a source close to the show, “If you actually were to ask our director and producer in the show to eat just vegetarian food, they were sure to throw a fit. There are crew members who even drink whisky on the sets. Come on, why would other people do what she endorses. It is her wish to be vegetarian and she is free to do so, but she has no right whatsoever to bother others" Adds the source, "Its high-handed on her part. We work so hard and we like to have food that we prefer after the toil and thereby not hamper the shooting process. Shalini is only doing and saying such things to increase her value as an actor. If she has so much 'bhakti bhav' (devotion) why is she charging such a huge amount for the role? She charges around Rs 25 000 per day! She is also doing 'Ardhangini' on Zee. At the end of the day it is all about money, honey. The production house too is making the show to make money and if good things like devotion increases along with it, then it is only secondary."

When we tried to contact Shalini Kapoor for her version of the story on this, she declined to comment and when we persisted, the actress impolitely disconnected the phone. So, now we are only eager to hear whether it is 'bhakti' or 'money' Shalini is after.

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