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Shilpa reacts to the Bigg Boss allegations

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Shilpa Shetty
Upset at the sudden turn of events after RPI President and MP Ramdas Athawale was not allowed from participating in Bigg Boss 2, Shilpa Shetty has lashed out at her detractors. The supporters of the Dalit leader had burnt effigies of the actress blaming her for his ouster.

Shilpa Shetty reacting to it all said, "How can they hold me responsible for his non inclusion in the show? I didn't even know he was being considered to be a part of the show! Don't they understand that I am just a host of the show? Apart from hosting it nothing related to the show is of any concern. These guys are trying to grab publicity and mileage using my name and politicizing the issue."

What was her reaction on hearing her effigies being burnt in front of Colors channel's office? "I was extremely upset when I heard that they had burnt my effigies. This is a sign of total disrespect in a democratic country like India. I felt as if they were burning me. Though it hurt me, I also felt silly about the entire thing! Was I really the cause of all this?"

Refuting charges of her being influential in getting in Jade Goody for Bigg Boss 2 Shilpa said, "When she (Jade Goody) decided to participate in the show, I was accused of roping her in to raise the TRP ratings of the show. I feel such loose talk needs to be avoided."

What made her take up as the host for Bigg Boss 2? "Well I only took up the job as a host because I had very well understood the format and it required just very few days from me. The host of this show has a very significant role to play as he is the only outsider whom the house inmates interact with. Also I realized I would be the first heroine to play such an important part in the show."

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