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Women seeks blessings on Baa Bahu sets

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Ba Bahu Aur Baby
Recently, on the sets of Ba Bahu Aur Baby, an old woman from a small town in Maharashtra requested the producers that she wanted to see the well in the Thakkar household and wanted to seek the blessings of the Kuldevta that resided in that well for her newly wed son and daughter-in-law.

The producers tried hard to explain her that the kuldevta that she was referring to was a part of the plotline and that it didn"t exist in reality. However, the woman had a firm belief that the Kuldevta resided there.

She even reminded the producers of a navratri story in the show where the Thakkar family felt the presence of the Kuldevta. Seeing her devotion towards the god, the producers gave in to her demand and the entire unit participated in a 'pooja" that the woman performed around the well.

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