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It's Deshdrohi time for Bigg Boss inmates

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The all dreaded Monday is once back again, bringing along the difficult task of nominations! The housemates wake up to the day with smiles on their faces and get busy with their daily chores. Aditi, Bhakhtyar Irani, Poonam Dhillon and Pravesh Rana are nostalgic thinking about Kamal Rashid Khan and are seen having a discussion on Kamal"s movie– Deshdrohi. Vindu Dara Singh who is still in the secret room feels that according to him Aditi is the wicked teacher and Bhakhtyar and Pravesh are her innocent pupils whom she is using to fulfill her sinister wishes in the house.

Bigg Boss calls Aditi in the confession room and assigns the weekly task titled– song and dance. For this task, they have been provided with props and a red round carpet which is placed in the garden area. As part of the task, each one needs to dance to their allotted song on the red carpet along with the props as well as perform when the group song is been played by wearing masks.

The task begins with Poonam"s performance and after some back to back performances of the housemates, a group song is played and all of them assemble on the red carpet wearing masks. During the group dance Vindu comes out of the activity area and joins the housemates leaving them shocked and surprised. Vindu reveals to the housemates that he was not evicted but actually he was watching them 24X7 from a secret area. Later when Vindu gets a chance he bitches about the rest with Poonam.
As Bigg Boss is coming to an end, there are only five contestants left in the house who have crossed all hurdles in their way. Is it purely by luck or the games they have played? So today, Bigg Boss gives the housemates an opportunity to know how luck is supporting them. Bigg Boss has invited a palm reader who is going to tell them about their luck and what they should do to make it strong. The housemates enthusiastically proceed towards the activity area.

Later Poonam confesses to Vindu that she is extremely happy to see him back and how she cried at his unfair departure from the house. Vindu, who has Poonam as his only friend in the house now too confesses at having missed her and being back only for her. Is something cooking between them?

The commencement of the last nomination process brings all the housemates in the living area. Bigg Boss announces that as per Claudia"s hand grenade Pravesh has now become the first finalist whereas on the other hand Bhakhtyar is nominated due to Vindu"s hand grenade.

As the day comes to an end, we find Bhakhtyar, Aditi and Pravesh recalling earlier events of the day and discussing who according to them was good at predicting the finalist. This topic reaches new heights with Bhakhtyar and Aditi telling Pravesh that the international participant, Claudia was a very smart player and she was the one who caused the divide within the house.

With the late night task performance another day at the Bigg Boss house comes to an end. What will be the outcome of this last nomination? Whose luck will emerge stronger in the race for the coveted title?

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