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bigg boss housemates fight in final stage

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It"s the final day of the task and the housemates are eagerly waiting to finish the task. Looks like the housemates have actually realized that water is indeed their lifeline –quite a few of them haven"t taken their bath for the past couple of days, using fewer vessels in order to avoid washing of utensils so that they can conserve as much water as possible. But now the housemates have had it enough and want bigg boss to start regular water supply.

Meanwhile, Raju as usual is busy entertaining the housemates with his funny antics. In the latest episode, he gets into the fire fighter avatar and joins Vindu, Vinod and Pravesh in their fight against the water shortage.

Later, bigg boss calls Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh in the confession room to announce yet another punishment for them for again conversing in English. bigg boss informs them despite several warnings in the past they have been still talking in English and therefore both of them will not be allowed to talk to each other till further notice. Claudia and Pravesh get disappointed by this punishment but soon find another way to interact with each other i.e. sign language.

Soon after this the task alarm rings, instead of completing the task, the housemates sit back perhaps because they have already stored enough water for the day.

While with all this happening, Rohit is as usual busy influencing housemates in his favour and reiterating his tale of being backstabbed. This time he first approaches Aditi and then Pravesh to apologize for whatever he has done. But, looks like Pravesh is in no mood to forgive and forget and ignores Rohit.

As the day comes to a close, the housemates breathe a sigh of relief when bigg boss announces the conclusion of the weekly task. Later, all the men in house get together and speculate who could be next surprise entry in the bigg boss house.

Hearing them talk, bigg boss actually decides to have a surprise entry - a person dressed in space suit actually lands in the living area much to the housemates" surprise. This is what we call 'Telepathy" perhaps!

Who is this new person and how will the housemates react to this little surprise?

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