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New restrictions at the Bigg Boss house

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There is a well-known saying- “Those who want to win a war well can rarely make a good peace." And Pravesh last night who threw the entire ration supply into the swimming pool in order to take revenge by starving Poonam Dhillon and Vindu Dara Singh proves this. Vindu who wakes up early in the morning is shocked at seeing all the food in the pool. He talks about how his father, who started off as common man, is a Member of Parliament today. According to him his father is a 'real common man" and not Pravesh who claims to be one.

Soon after the wake up alarm goes off, Vindu takes Poonam to the pool and shows her the result of Pravesh Rana"s vicious actions. Poonam is aghast with Pravesh"s vicious actions against her and Vindu. The duo is seen cursing Pravesh because of whom they have nothing to eat now. As Pravesh didn"t get any violent reactions from duo as he had anticipated, he clarifies himself in front of Poonam and Vindu stating that now onwards he is going to make their life hell in the house. And the chain of argument starts heating up.

Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and asks Poonam and Vindu to show Pravesh, the youngest in the house the right path. He also tells them that while this show is meant for the common man, the decision to punish Pravesh for his actions will be taken after the common man"s reaction to his actions (the episode tonight).

As soon as the food is sent, Poonam and Vindu start hiding the ration. Later Poonam, wanting to clear the air, takes Bigg Boss"s advice to show Pravesh the right direction, and has a chat with him to try and calm him down. Pravesh, who has anger brimming inside him, explodes and Poonam lovingly tries to make him understand his mistakes. Later Poonam narrates her conversation with Pravesh to Vindu.

Once Pravesh calms down a little, post his outburst with Poonam, he realizes his error and apologizes to Poonam and Vindu for his misbehavior. He explains his actions stating that as a player he did whatever was right according to him but being the youngest amongst them he feels sorry for hurting the duo. Soon after, all seems forgotten and forgiven and Vindu and Pravesh are once again seen chatting well into the night.

Towards the night Bigg Boss tells the housemates that the Bigg Boss 3 house was made for thirteen contestants but now only three contestants are left. Bigg Boss tells the housemates that they are now banned from using the girl"s bedroom and the gym area. Later, Poonam gets emotional and misses having her parents with her. With these emotional moments another day at the Bigg Boss house comes to an end.

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