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Rahul Mahajan Duhalniya Le Jayega?

By: By: Arya Aiyappan
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Rahul Mahajan Duhalniya Le Jayega…but the million dollar question is …. “Who will be Rahul Mahajan"s Dulhaniya?

Rahul Mahajan has decided to settle down and start his own family. In fact he has even started planning about his honeymoon. Well, that is going to be serious affair, one must say so. But speaking to CNN-IBN on Talking Point, a candid Rahul spoke about his desire to get married, have babies and thus be settled.

Junior Mahajan believes that Television offers that platform and when his first marriage was covered live on television, even when his dad was hospitalized without his permission, then why not go ahead with one where he would paid to get married. And the bonus would be publicity unlimited. But Rahul refutes that claim, for he feels that he is already a star and has got immense exposure, so why go for more? Sure, he has learnt the rules of the game like our celluloid stars who, blatantly refuse to be committed even when they are spotted to be madly in love. And any publicity is good publicity.

With Rakhi"s swayamvar touching a new high in the history of Television and when there are dotcoms and newspapers to play Cupid, then why not Television? Now that the deal is right, Rahul has decided to take the plunge.

However the surprise element is that we get to see a Rahul who has mellowed over the time and is ready to accept that everyone has a good side and bad side. So he is on the lookout for one whose wavelength would match that of his. If those criticized Rahul that he ought to get serious in life, then this is the height of it, for he considers marriage a lifelong commitment. He is on the lookout for a girl whose inner beauty would match her outer beauty. And mind it, Rahul wants a long lasting relationship and is not on the hunt for a mere honeymoon partner.

On a personal note, Rahul has sensed the vacuum in his life, when all his friends are happily settled with their wives and children. Rahul bared his heart to confess, “I want to settle down. No one wants to be unsettled." His sister Poonam is contesting elections and he is all set to support her through thick and thin.

Rahul Mahajan has decided to get married and he knows that whatever he does would make news. So all you girls out there get ready if you need Mr Publicity Mahajan as your husband!

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