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Can Rakhi be worthy wife to contestants?

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Everyone knows the story of Gandhari in 'Mahabharatha'. Gandhari was married to King Dhritarashtra without doing any keen observation into his personality. But she blindfolded herself to equate with him when she came to know that he was a blind man. It shows her sacrifice for herhusband. Do you think why I am talking about Gandhari?

Because once Rakhi Sawant said that she would not like to marry anyone blindfolded like Gandhari on the show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar in NDTV Imagine. Ok, physically, Rakhi is not a blind person. But she seems to be blind intellectually. If you look at her past life and her present demands, you will understand it.

Rakhi Sawant is far away from the fundamentals of love and marriage, which are based on sacrifice. So what she is up to? Rakhi has always tried to get mileage in 'publicity' through whatever has happened with her. When Mika kissed her what she reacted was that she was startled. She had the same expression when Luv had kissed her first time. She did not have the guts to retaliate to Mika.

But Rakhi Sawant kicked a contestant out of the show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar in NDTV Imagine, when he kissed her that too on one of the jewelry on her forehead. She even did this due to pressure by other contestants. What about the kisses she showered on Manmohan and other contestants during parties on the show?

Rakhi complained before the show host Ram Kapoor that Manmohan Tiwari did not let her meet his girlfriend, when she visited his city. Manmohan argued, “I had an affair with Anjali, but we parted our ways due to some reason. Don"t pull her name now and make it a big issue, because you had also affairs in the past. I"ve never asked about them. I"ve never asked you about Abhishek Awasti," he said. She could not utter a word in reply.

Moreover, Manas Katyal"s family was little bit worried about her 'Item Tag". He suggested her to take out her 'Item Tag" in order to save her public image. She argued him, “Doing item numbers is my profession, which I don"t want to quit. It is not real life. Let it be aside. Now I"m ready to marry you. Will you accept me as your wife or not?" This shows her aggressive nature. She can do whatever she wants, but she does not allow her would be hubby to do that.

Most of the contestants belong to decent families and many of them are younger than her. They are also intellectual blinds. They treated her intimacy with Mika, Luv and others as a part of her profession. But they objected a co-contestant when he kissed her during a party.

Manmohan has won his way out of this nonsense. His family has taught a well deserved lesson to Rakhi, “You reap what you sow." The intentions of both Manmohan and Rakhi in performing on the show were to get publicity, but Rakhi is frustrated by Manmohan"s capacity which is beyond her grab.

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