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Its no longer Ekta's 'K', but 'B'

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The trends come and go but there are some which creates a lot of buzz. The trend of "K" initials set by Ekta Kapoor was the most followed and noticed trends on television. But as everything has a life and now the magic of K is fading away giving B to take its place. The most popular soaps on the television these days like Balika Vadhu, Bidaai, Bandhan tell it all about that how B is replacing K. Even the 'K' queen Ekta Kapoor who is one to start this trend seems to be moving with the current trend of 'B' factor and her new show aired on NDTV Imagine is titled as Bandhini.

But what suddenly went wrong with the 'K' factor? Noted astrologer Sunita Menon, who is said to have recommended the alphabet 'K' to Ekta Kapoor, says, "Yes I gave 'K' alphabet to Ekta. I, being an astrologer, can only give a guideline that which path would be better to follow and
which not. It is not about 'K' factor or 'B' factor.

It's about person's hard work. It is nothing like anything went wrong with 'K' factor; it's just that everyone goes through this stage wherein sometimes you have success and sometimes you have failure. Its life and life is a roller coaster ride, you see!"

Now as K's story is over and to make her luck shine again with the equal amount of effort, Ekta tried taking help of the numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani with the spelling of her NDTV Imagine's soap Bandhini. "I have spelled the name for her new soap Bandhini," admits Sanjay B Jumaani. On
being further asked whether these spellings are only meant to give someone psychological satisfaction or does it really work, the numerologist says, "you are asking a doctor that his medicines works or not. Obviously it works and that is what I am paid for. I can't fool anyone on that part," confirms Sanjay B Jumaani.

Though we have heard that Creative team of every channel do consult a numerologist or an astrologer for their serial name ceremony, Saurabh Tiwari denies the fact, "No. We, in Colors, don't consult anyone. I don't think so opting for any initial helps you. It's just your frame of mind and your personal view. Some people believe it and some don't. I personally don't believe in all these stuffs."

Vivek Bhal, Creative Director Star TV, too seems to agree with the opinion of the creative head of his rival channel. "I don't believe forcing a K or a B into a title will matter eventually. If it's so then I wouldn't have decided on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai for Star's next biggest show. The title should be apt for the show and also appealing to viewers; then, if it starts with K or B or any other letter, that's fine," says Vivek.

It's very usual that creative world gives a mixed reaction on the 'B replacing K' in the latest TV world. It's also very usual in the ever changing television world that even B will soon be replaced with some other alphabet. Least creative and more superstitious, TV world lives in this way only. Better we wait to see what comes next in industry's favourite numerologists'/astrologers' minds to replace B.

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