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Kapil and I are just good friends: Anjali Abrol

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Anjali Abrol a.k.a Rani of 'Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat", the beauty hailing from Jammu who had never thought of becoming a celebrity and getting praises from the people around had a talk with Oneindia about her journey so far in the industry, her beliefs and many more.

Is there any difference between Anjali and Rani in real life?
Frankly speaking, there is no difference between me and Rani. Actually the similarity between the personalities made me comfortable to tackle Rani in the show as there was not much difference in the role and my actual persona. Like Rani, even I am very simple, I don"t like to party, I like everything quiet. In fact, that is the positive point in me and the reason why I could be able to essay Rani so well.

Why acting as a profession and not something else?
Actually, acting was never so clear in my mind. I had never aimed at anything like acting. It came to me and then it happened. Nothing was planned, everything happened. I just kept on grabbing the opportunities and everything was done. I had never thought of being an actress. It just happened.

How this role of Rani came to you?
I had just auditioned for a show in Jammu and forgot about it, thinking that I would never get a chance to work in the television industry and no one is going to call me to Mumbai. But I got a call from Mumbai and was asked to come here for the further detailing. I was so surprised to know that I really got selected to essay a role. And immediately after getting a call, I came down to Mumbai. I had a meeting with Rashmi in a hotel, where she explained me the storyline and about my character. I liked the offer and I went for it.

How was your schooling and college?
I was very much sharif (Good) child in the school, I never bunked my lectures and was never a spoilt brat. Only once I remember, I had bunked my class, when all my relatives had visited my home. Otherwise, I had never left a chance to complain about me.

What has helped you in developing your acting skill?
I have helped myself in improving my acting. And apart from that our director Pawan had helped me a lot in improving my acting. Actually I had come down to Mumbai with many misconceptions that all the directors are cruel, they scold you now and then. They pass comments on you and take left, right, and centre. I was very afraid of working with any director. But I was proved wrong after meeting our director, as he is the one who has made me act and improve.

Do you think you are finest actor?
No! I don"t think that I am the finest actor. Because according to me, acting is a learning process and is never ending. Each and every actor learns something different from his or her role. The more different role they do, the more they will learn. Acting has no end.

How was dancing in 'Nach Baliye"?
The feeling was just getting relived from the jail after 13 hours of shoot and then getting into rehearsals and then performing. It was fun. Actually I love singing and dancing and thus it was a treat for me to be in the show. It was great being in the show.

How was working with Kapil Nirmal?
As I said that I had come here with many preconceived notions but slowly with the time, everything vanished. Initially when I met Kapil, I thought he is very egoistic person who throws loads of tantrums on set. So I never talked to him but then my mom started visiting our set and she stated talking to him. Gradually all the misunderstandings were cleared. And now we both are very good friends.

Are you and Kapil seeing each other?
Yes, it is true to some extent. But now we are just good friends. It happens when you stay with a person for almost 24 hours a day but now there is no contact with him as such. But yes, we were very great friends.

How did you felt when you heard about 'Raja Ki…" taking a leap?
Initially, I felt very bad that now the show is taking a leap of about 18 years and we won"t be the part of the show but then later on I thought that when the show is taking a leap of about 18 years, we have to be that old, for which I was not ready because essaying an old lady was somehow a threat to my career. So I thought, better to quit the show, instead of continuing with wrong image. I know this is not the end; many more offers will be waiting for me.

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