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Ashmit Patel fed up with Veena Malik?

By: By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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It is said that 'tears and sentiments are the best weapon of women'. They have the power to bring the entire world to their foot by shedding a few drops of tears. However, this has not proved quiet true in the case of Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik. Almost every other day Veena is seen crying and complaining about Ashmit Patel's changed behaviour towards her. However, Ashmit remains unaffected by her tears. Does that mean that he is fed-up with Veena? Read on to analyse.

Ashmit, Veena, Sara Khan and Hrishant Goswami became the very first group of young friends as soon as they entered 'Bigg Boss 4'. It looked like a never ending friendship between them. Veena falling for Hrishant and Sara and Ashmit helping the love struck heart in the matter, was quiet an interesting scene to view. Peace prevailed within the group until recently when Hrishant's got eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 4' two weeks ago.

With Dolly Bindra's re-entry everything seems to be torn apart. It started with Ashmit having a tiff with Sara for nominating Veena in the elimination round. Of course, it goes without saying that Dolly was behind the fight. Sara was torn apart from the group and both Veena and Ashmit preferred not to talk to her.

After a few days when things between Sara and Ashmit reconciled, Veena's in-security towards losing Ashmit to the hands of Sara made things more worse. Ashmit started retracting from Veena and the communication gap between the two led to more problems and confusions. It has now come to an extent where not even a day passes without any fight between them. What must be the reason? Is Ashmit fed up of Veena or is it the other way round?

The best part is after all the fights the couple is seen reconciling with kisses and hugs. Do leave a comment below to let us know what you think about the couple.

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