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Cold war between Manoj and Samir in Bigg Boss 4

Posted By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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Ever since, Manoj Tiwari was announced the Captain of the 'Bigg Boss' house, a cold war has developed between Manoj and Samir Soni and they do not spare a moment of taunting each other. Though Manoj is the Captain, 'Bigg Boss' has appointed Samir as the secret agent who will be 'Bigg Boss'"s “Eyes and Ears". As the secret agent, Samir is given a notepad and pen which requires him to keep a log of those, who sleep during the day and converse in English in the 'Bigg Boss' house.

The 'Bigg Boss' house seems to have divided the house into 2 camps, one by Shweta Tiwari and Samir Soni and the other by Manoj Tiwari and Hrishant Goswami who indulge in midnight talks on nominations, bitching about housemates and daily issues.

Day 21 and 'Bigg Boss' seems to be in a mood to wake up the house by 6 am on a foot-tapping Punjabi track “Raja Miya…". To everyone"s surprise they are greeted by a new face in the house, Dolly Bindra! Dolly, known for contagious laughter and zeal is welcomed by everyone in the house. Sara is the first to get off from her bed and greets Dolly with a warm hug. Within no time the housemates assemble in the living area to interact with her. Her entry receives mixed reactions, while Sara, Ashmit and Rahul were happy to see her; Shweta, Manoj and Hrishant cribbed about lack of sleep.

As soon as Dolly enters the house she heads towards the kitchen and seems like she is set to take over Shweta"s territory! Dolly offers to make breakfast for the house and everyone was happy with her cooking. Though everyone is happy with the food, Hrishant seems disheartened with Dolly"s entry as he expected Pamela Anderson to come. The housemate teams up against youngest member of the house, Sara as she is playing the role of 'Narad Muni" in the house

After the chit-chat session, 'Bigg Boss' decides to give a weekly task to the house. The house has to split in a batch of two (a man and woman) and is given 10 different words out of which the team has to prepare a rhyme. While one has to make the song the other has to mimic the same. 'Bigg Boss' orders Dolly to make the pairs for the task.

After all the mauj masti, it was time for the nominations of the week. While Khali was already nominated by Begum, it will be interesting to see on who will join him in the nominations.

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