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Gurmeet comes out of Ram’s shadow

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The television often creates one-show wonders. No matter how big you are, it"s doubly difficult task to break an image through which you have acquired divine status. There is a high possibility that you"re likely to fail in your second attempt.

Arun Govil, arguably the most popular star in the history of television, paid the price for being a reel life Ram. Temples were constructed for him, wherever he went, people touched his feet. 'Ramayan" was the biggest success story of Indian television. Its principal cast acquired demi Gods status.

While all this love, devotion was heart-warming, the enactors got stuck in divine web. Once the show ended, these got loads of other work, but success eluded them. Govil, allegedly lost his composure and even travelled to foreign land in search of mental peace.

Two decades later, a certain Gurmeet Choudhary, stepped into lord Ram"s shoes. Like Govil, he too was worshipped. The fanaticism though was no way near that of Govil. Nevertheless Gurmeet had his legion of worshipers. Once 'Ramayan" went off air, critics felt that was the end of Gurmeet the actor.

Few months after 'Ramayan" came to an end, Gurmeet bagged a contemporary and humane role in Star One"s 'Geet". After an initial lull, Geet has finally emerged as the top rated show on a struggling Star One. The icing on the cake is that Gurmeet has been appreciated in his new look and avatar. He"s reaped success with his second show, something which Arun Govil couldn"t achieve. What more would he ask for?

“I don"t think I can comment on Arun Govil. I can only speak for myself. One thing that has worked in my favor is that I"m still young. Besides, whatever roles I"ve done so far they"re all different", said Choudhary.

Gurmeet"s success is all the more praiseworthy, because he"s playing a completely different role in 'Geet" vis-À-vis 'Ramayan".

“Unlike Ram, Maan seldom has a smile on his fac. He"s a short tempered guy who loses his cool often. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive but people like Maan the way he is. As an actor, I"m getting to play versatile roles, I feel I"ve grown as an actor", the actor concluded.

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