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Poonam, the new entrant in Jyoti's family

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Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) is the step-daughter of Padma (Zaida). Poonam (Geetu Bawa) will get to know about this fact next week in“Jyoti", which is produced by Sphereorigins.

Jyoti"s family has recently witnessed a lot of happiness after Sandeep"s(Varun Khandelwal) marriage with Poonam. Poonam, like several girls of her age, has fantasized about her knight in shining armor, who will come to marry her and thus save her from a life of drudgery. In that sense, she is immature. She admires Sandeep's rugged looks and striking features. She visualizes a romantic union with him and a marital life full of bliss. However, she fails to realize that Sandeep is a man oriented towards his family and towards taking care of his sisters. However, she smartly understands that the family is vulnerable to certain things. She exploits certain situations to her advantage. Poonam is a creature of comfort. So, she tends to be lazy and manipulative. She becomes unhappy when her dreams of a luxurious life after marriage are not fulfilled.

As far as the personal life of the viewers' darling, 'Jyothi', is concerned, the divorce notice sent by Pankaj( Sarvar Ahuja) had a controversial clause to enable a rapid execution of divorce so that he can marry Neelam (Soniya Singh) at the earliest. However, Jyothi has a rethink and refuses to sign the divorce notice. Neelam's parents mention that their daughter's marriage is in danger because of Jyothi. They offer her cash to divorce Pankaj. Jyothi admits that she doesn't mind a divorce but says that she needs some time.

Jyothi declines to accept alimony and decides to do another job, a decision that angers her step-mother, Padma (Zaida), who fears that this will have a detrimental impact on Jyothi's pregnancy. Jyothi's father, Kamal Kishor (Sanjay Batra), convinces his wife that Jyothi is an independent woman, who doesn't want to burden her family. Padma emotionally claims that her advice is not being heeded because she is the step-mother.

What will happen when Poonam comes to know that Jyoti is not Sandeep"s real sister? Will her attitude towards Jyothi change after knowing this fact? To know more about Poonam"s reaction, watch your favorite Jyoti on NDTV Imagine, every Monday to Friday, at 7.30pm.

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