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Suguna and her Balika woes

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Television doesn"t follow logic, and some producers/shows simply love to defy it. However, we"re not talking of Ekta Kapoor and her K-soaps here. The one that has caught our imagination is Suguna of 'Balika Vadhu" fame.

The current track sees Suguna suffering a miscarriage after she falls from the staircase. In the preceding episodes, Suguna lost the trust of her husband Shyam (Vikrant Massey) and her in-laws after she secretly attended the havan of her deceased husband, Pratap. Suguna was literally thrown out by her in-laws, but was pardoned after Madan Singh adhered to her father Bhairav"s plea. However, the family won"t show any mercy to Suguna this time as she"s been set free by her husband Shyam.

While we empathize with the girl, Suguna seems to making it a habit of going through rough periods while pregnant. Earlier, it was Shyam"s uncle Ramcharan who was adamant on killing the off-spring of Suguna"s ex-husband but failed to do so. What goes around; comes around. The same Ramcharan is beating his head after losing their legitimate heir. That begs the question, is Suguna"s womb cursed?

“No, I don"t buy that. If that was the case then, she wouldn"t have delivered Pratap"s child in the first place," chided Vibha Anand, who plays the unfortunate character.

If one turns back the clock, an under-age Suguna demanded to be married to Pratap because she was carrying his illegitimate child. Tragedy struck when Pratap was killed by dacoits on the day of his marriage. Shyam came into Suguna"s life and eventually accepted her. The child was born in the month of January 2010, and it"s July now. By that count, Suguna"s son should be six-month old.

What intrigues us is that in one of the recent episodes, Shyam reveals that he"s married for seven months while his step-son is four months old. Strangely, after going through a tumultuous first experience, Suguna is pregnant again in a matter of seven months.

An equally puzzled Anand says, “Hmm, Sugana is a village bumpkin. Gaon main askar bacche jaldi paida hote hain (Girls become mother at an early age in villages). Actually, in the preceding months, Suguna"s father does express concern at her daughter being pregnant few months after her first delivery. Look, I don"t have answer this question. Perhaps, the writers will be the best persons to give an explanation on this."

Well, we don"t think the writers themselves will have an answer to this. After all, anything can happen in tele-operas.

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