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Telestar's sweet confession to their moms!

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Some one had said it true that God cannot be everywhere and thus he made mother. She is the one who always cares for you but unknowingly we do some stupid deeds to escape mom"s scolding or hiding something from her. In our childhood, we always try to hide those things, but today we laugh out on those little antics and excuses which we make. But, its time to confess now, as TellyCafe had asked some of those naughtiest telestars about their stupid deeds and lying!

Mom, here is what your child has to say,

Karan Kundra: It happened around when I was in 7th standard and I had a girl friend that time, not exactly 'girl"friend but as it happens in school that we always wanted to be together all the time and noticing all those things my mom once asked me about her, inquiring if there was something going on between us and I got petrified and lied that, 'No, she is just my class mate," and rubbished her talks but mom I was wrong, she was my girlfriend!

Vibha Anand: My mom owned a beauty parlour and as soon as any new shade of lipstick would arrive at our parlour, I use to steal it from our parlour and my mom still doesn"t know that. But, I would nick every new shade of lipstick and think that the good shade would be always with me and not with anyone else!

Shaleen Bhanot: My mom really liked to teach me literature and all those heavy subject during school time but I want to say that, 'Mom, out of whatever you taught me, I didn"t even understand a single word out of it as it never interested me. Which ever result and certificate I have is because of student sitting in front of me in exams. Sorry, Mom but it never interested me!"

Priyanka Mishra: My mom used to wake me up early in the morning at 5.00am and along with my brothers I used to sit for studies and literally doze off while sitting with the book and when she use to ask us what"s happening I use to reply that, 'Mom, I am revising it". But I"m sure my mother would not be fooled by my gimmicks!

Romit Raj: I always to have some food outside, the whole package, right from Pizza"s and all junk food. I"d then return home and make an excuse for skipping a meal. I"d say 'Mom, I don"t know why but my tummy feels full!" And in such way, I had lot of junk food but without saying anything to my mom and every time, I had given the same reason to my mom.

Sai Deodhar: Recently, we had a get together at our relatives place and my mom was forcing me to come over there and as I was not willing to go there, so very cleverly, I lied my mom that I am not feeling well due to my shoots and my mom got emotional and left me at our place. But guys, I had a bash with my friends at the same time and the thing my mom still don"t know. I am still feeling guilty.

Rati Pandey: My mom is very conscious about my diet and health and she will call me a minimum 12 times day for asking me about my lunch, breakfast and dinner and I sometimes lie her that I"ve had my lunch where, in fact, I am actually hungry and not had my food at all. And instead of that I say that I had yummy lunch and go to the extent of naming a few delicacies!

Mom"s, have you heard what your kids are saying? Fun apart, but really every one does cherish their memories and all those fibs and excuses that they"d made to escape their scolding. Oneindia wishes all of you a very Happy Mothers Day.

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