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Toral Rasgupta to do a steamy scene

By: By: <a href="/columnists/goher-iqbal-punn/index.html" target="_blank">Goher Iqbal Punn</a>
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Sahara One Entertainment channel has been on the way to provide entertainment to the thirsty viewers in India and abroad. It is liked by millions of viewers worldwide since it is a family channel. These days its show 'Kesariya Balam Aayo Hamare" has been running with strong TRP and viewers like to get glued with it. The leading gal of the show Toral Rasgupta is said to be annoyed with the media. This happened when she saw the journalists on the set where she was to shoot an intimate scene with her co-star Akshat Gupta.

But when asked her as to why she got angry with the media seeing them on the sets, she simply refused to show her uneasiness with the journalists. She is playing the role of Rasal in the show. She said show did not have any problem with the press people.

Speaking to the media, she said, “Why would I misbehave with anyone and ask them to leave? They had been called for a purpose. I can"t behave badly with them. But I wouldn"t deny that I was anxious before we started shooting the scene. It was my first intimate scene ever. I was nervous. Though it was being shot very aesthetically, I was still getting butterflies in my tummy and wanted to get over with it quickly."

About her steamy scene with the co-star, journalists asked her what would be the reaction of the family members to this hot scene? She said that her mother is not in town and her father do not watch the soaps. Wow, that"s a great answer!

Toral added, “Even if my mum was here, she wouldn"t have overreacted. She would have understood it"s a part of my job. I was just enacting a scene. And there was nothing that would embarrass her or me." Good answer to escape from controversial questions…hmmmm.

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