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Bigg Boss 5 wildcard entry: Siddharth Bhardwaj interview

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Just after a week of Amar Upadhyay's entry, Siddharth Bhardwaj is all set to make his wildcard entry in Bigg Boss 5 house. The MTV Splitsvilla winner is all excited to mingle with Bigg Boss housemates. In an exclusive Interview, shows' official site, biggboss.in.com, Sid extensively speaks about his character and his expected behaviour with the housemates in future.

Which housemate do you want to be jailed with?
Actually, not one, I want to be jailed with everyone. But if you want me to be jailed with one, then I want that person, who is straight forward and not diplomatic. In fact I can"t take anyone's name because I don't know anyone here. I don"t make perception by seeing anyone on TV; rather I make it by meeting in person. Let me meet them. I will make a perception and you will know it.

Are Oldies like Shakti and Amar competition to you for the ladies' attention?
I think, I don't know as per age, but I know per nature. I think Shaktiji is playing very safe in the Bigg Boss house. He has become a little like Bade Bhai (big brother). I think he himself does not want to become my competition. Amar want to become my competition, but his nature is not allowing him. He has become womanish. So I don't have any competition so far.

We have seen you trash talk in Spitsvilla, choose a housemate you'd want to trash talk at!
If it comes to trash talking, I think I can beat all 14 to 15 people in the house. I will beat them all in one minute.

Will seducing the ladies be a part of your strategy?
Irrespective of whether I am in the Bigg Boss house or outside the house, seducing ladies has become a part of my strategy in life. Seduce the ladies, respect them and love them. That's how things are going to work for you.

Who is the most cunning housemate who you want to stay away from?
Myself! (laughs). Of course! Pooja Bedi is very a bong on. She knows when and what to talk. She knows whom to keep in her pocket and whom to send out of the house.

Did you get any advice from Shakti Pradhan about the Bigg Boss house?
I don't know because I haven't spoken to her for two years. I don't beg anyone for anything in my life. Any decision or any other great deal, I would like do it on my own. Now, I"m doing that. Even if Sakshi is my family member, then also I won't ask her.

What controversies are you going to create to stay in the audience's eves?
Why? Do audiences only like controversies? No! They like honesty also. If they like controversies, even you don"t expect controversies. I can break controversies or kill the controversies or kill someone.

Will you take your Spitsvilla experience to the Bigg Boss house?
I don"t want to take much learning from Spitsvilla show, but the show is very close my heart because it gave me lot in my live. I don"t want to take more from it because it had become more personal between me and someone. I don"t want to talk about it now. The aggression level that exited there was very high. That is there in my life. If you hit my ego button, I will become very personal and aggressive. I hope that none is there in the Bigg Boss house. None will get that much personal with me.

Your message to Bigg Boss housemates......
I have only one message. Don't press the wrong button. I am good guy till you are good to me. If you are back to me I am worse than you never imagine.

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