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Bigg Boss 5: Andrew Symonds proposes Shonali

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Day 74: The day starts with the famous song 'satte pe satta". The housemates wake up and get ready to face yet another fulfilled day! Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal, Amar Upadhyay, Sunny Leone and Juhi Parmar make a plan to play a prank on Shonali Nagrani. Sky is the master mind behind this plan and proposes to scare Shonali while she would be asleep. Bigg Boss sends a birthday cake and a few gifts in order to celebrate Juhi"s birthday. All the housemates cut the cake and sing for Juhi.

Sky tries to pull Pooja Mishra in for playing the prank on Shonali. Pooja denies being a part of such a prank as she felt it was unreasonable. Then Bigg Boss launches a new task called Romantic Raja, a part of the weekly task with a new theme. The task is read out to all in the living area and all the housemates get excited to perform the same. Then, Andrew Symonds proposes Shonali in a cliche melodramatic Bollywood style. Shonali as usual could not control her laugh initially but later plays along well.

Andrew does a great job in his filmy avatar. After a while, Symonds then proposes Pooja Mishra in the garden area. Pooja was locked up in the jail but that did not stop Symonds from enacting his role. It almost seems like Symonds is a professional Bollywood actor. The housemates are then lazying around in the house. The task bell rings again and this time it is Symonds" turn to propose Juhi in his trademark style. Symonds enacts the 'aati kya khandala" scene with Juhi using Sky"s assistance. Symonds does a remarkable job in copying Aamir"s lines.

All the housemates have a hearty laugh and literally fall on the floor laughing. Sky gets back to planning the big prank plan on Shonali. He describes as to how he would scare Shonali late at night. Just then Shonali walks into the room and Sky starts to scare her by saying that he has been getting abnormal vibes late at night. He exaggerates it a little bit and Shonali actually gets a little scared as Juhi plays along with Sky.

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