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Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone becomes talk of the house

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Day 52: The day begins on a lovely track from the movie Rangeela. Everyone wakes up dancing to the song with each other. As the day progresses Amar Upadhyay, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Sunny Leone and Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal are seen sitting with each other after lunch. The four are generally talking about Sunny"s life in Hollywood and how she has managed to reach where she is right now.

Porn star Sunny Leone tells them that when she was at the start of her career she had two choices to study or to become a model. She chose the latter and now has her own Production house. To this, Sky jokes that he is just a call away for Sunny. She can call him anytime she wants and he would be ready to come to Hollywood. Sunny also mentions that she keeps getting Bollywood offers every now and then, but Bigg Boss was the only offer that she found respectable enough and did not reject.

After their talk, Sky and Amar split and have a general conversation over Shonali and Siddharth. Sky tells Amar how Siddharth has never been a part of his story. He tells Amar that anytime he, Pooja Bedi and Juhi would plan something out; they would not include Sidharth in the picture. He admits to the fact that Siddharth observes him and behaves in a manner that resembles Sky. He warns Amar that now Sidharth has been aping him and has begun behaving like the next 'Amar" of the house, but what he does not know is that he is too impatient and immature to do that.

After a while, Pooja Bedi, Sky, Amar and Sunny are seen sitting inside the room and laughing at the way Shraddha talks. Soon Juhi joins the conversation too and Sky gets up to imitate Shraddha"s dance and the way she talks.

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