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Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone, Pooja Mishra upset with Sid, Amar

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On the day 71 in the Bigg Boss season 5 house, Sunny Leone and and Pooja Mishra are seen discussing seriously in the green room. Sunny shares her opinion regarding Shonali Nagrani-Amar Upadhyay"s issue. Pooja suggests her to inform Shonali that if she feels uncomfortable around Amar or any other guy, then she should not sit, speak or share anything with that person ever.

Meanwhile, Pooja Mishra gets the task letter and goes to the living area to announces the whereabouts of the task to all the housemates. Andrew Symonds tries to put on his costume. Pooja and Juhi Parmar help him to wear his dhoti. Later, Pooja fans Symonds and cracks a few of her trademark sarcastic dialogues.

When Pooja asks Symonds if he wants anything, he responds by saying that he wants some peace and silence, indirectly telling her to keep quiet. The housemates watch this and burst into laughter. While the housemates are having lunch in the dining table, Siddharth Bhardwaj tells Pooja to keep quiet in a jovial manner.

However, Pooja takes response badly and storms out. Meanwhile, Siddharth also comments on Sunny"s dumbness as she did not hear him properly. Sunny tells him to repeat his words but he does not. Then Sunny goes into the room requests Pooja to come back and not feel bad for Sid"s words.

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