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Bade Acche Lagte Hain - August 30 Serial Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain
In last night's (August 30) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram (Ram Kapoor) asks Rajat about Peehu's condition on phone. Rajat tells him that she is still unconscious and then hands over the phone to Priya aka Pooja (Sakshi Tanwar) on Ram's insistence.

Ram consoles Priya by telling her that nothing would happen to Peehu. Priya keeps crying and Ram tells her not to break down and asks Rajat to take care of all of them. Ram feels strange after talking to Priya and keeps wondering why Peehu's mom did not speak to him. He feels like it was Priya on the other side and wonders what the hell is going on.

Doctor informs Priya that Peehu is conscious and should be taken home to rest. He informs her that the remaining tests can be done tomorrow. When Peehu wakes up, the first name she utters is that of "Golu Uncle". Priya feels guilty and thinks that Peehu is missing her father and feels sorry.

Vikram shouts at Neha over a trivial issue and Neha is stunned.

Priya and Peehu is at Rajat's house and Priya checks temperature now and then. Ram is worried about Peehu's health and misses Priya and thinks that if she would have been here, she would have handled the situation better. Priya too is thinking about Ram and feels guilty about not being able to unite Peehu and Ram.

Ram thinks about all his moments with Peehu and kisses the photo (taken with Peehu) and thinks that nothing will happen to his rockstar and places the photo close to his heart.

Priya lies down next to Peehu and says that she'll not allow anything to happen to Peehu.

Rajat is very upset that Priya is so worried and decides to hand over the book shop to Priya and informs DJ about the same. DJ is happy and asks him not to worry.

KK notices Ram worried and asks him if everything is fine. Ram says that he is upset because his 'mini me' (Peehu) is not well. KK pacifies Ram and asks him to spray the where's the magic perfume she gave him and go to sleep without worrying.

Next day morning, Peehu wakes up with a splitting headache. Kady comes in at the same time. Priya asks her to sit beside Peehu while she heads to the kitchen to prepare some Kada.

Rahul comes home to meet Ram and the two talk about a lot of things. Ram asks Rahul whether his family still does a lot of things the same way that used to in the past. Rahul answers in positive.

Rajat gets a call from Hussain who informs that all papers (to transfer the book shop to Priya) will be ready by evening and asks him to come over to check them.

Somebody from the hospital comes to collect Peehu's blood samples. Peehu cries and Priya consoles her and tries to divert her attention by telling a story.

Priya makes Peehu drink the bitter Kada.


Rajat gets to know that Pooja's real name is Priya Sharma and he is shocked. DJ informs Priya that Rajat is author Anjaan and Priya is shocked to know this. Stay tuned for further updates on Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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