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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – July 17 serial update

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In last night's episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya aka Sakshi Tanwar is shown busy taking an inventory of the books in her shop in Dubai. While Ram (Ram Kapoor) and Rajat are passing by the shop, Ram stops and asks Rajat why he didn't talk about this particular bookstore. Rajat Kapur tells him that there is nothing interesting about the shop and wants to take Ram away from there. That's when Ram realises that he had entered the shop once before with Pihu and insists on entering the shop since he loves books.

When Ram enters the shop, Priya is shown taking stock of the books. However, the two don't meet though the title song keeps playing in the background. When Ram spot books written by Anjaan, he asks Rajat if people like to read books written by Indian authors. Rajat tells him that he's not sure, but the person who runs the book stall sure reads the book. When questioned by Ram, he tells him that the lady who runs the shop (Priya) lives with her child and came to him five years ago asking for help. Since then, she has become a nuisance and never gives the rent on time and talks idealistically.

When Rajat terms a book by Anjaan as 'trash', (since the author wrote only about love) Ram gives a sweet and soft smile. Ram then takes a lot of copies of Anjaan's books and heads towards the cash counter to buy them. Priya as expected is not there and Ram leaves the money on the counter and walks away. On the way, he distributes the books to a few people. He then tells Rajat that he believes in love and by buying some books in the stall, he will be ensuring that more people read them and more of these books were kept in the bookstores to sell.

Ram says that both were alike in a way that both he and Rajat fell in love and both their love left them. He further went on to say that just like how Priya came into his life, he would pray that somebody as nice as her would enter Rajat's life as well.

Priya is confused when she sees the money on the desk, but then quickly notices that few of Anjaan's books are missing. She is overjoyed and thanks god for sending an angel in her life.

Meanwhile, Kadambari aka Kady tells Pihu that she must help her distribute flyers mentioning about the discount sale in the bookstore as people will take it from her since she is cute and adorable. Also, Pihu spots a lucky draw box and along with Kady, she drops a chit in the box and hopes and prays that they win so that she can help her mom pay the shop rent.

The scene then shifts to KM and Anaconda Ayesha's room! Ayesha preparing herself for a party which will take place in the evening. When Bansi Kaka brings Ayesha's saree to Soumya to keep it in Ayesha's room, Khush accidentally spills some gravy on the saree! Soumya is scared, and leaves the stained saree on Ayesha's bed and runs out of the room! Anaconda Ayesha is extremely angry, screams and later orders a new dress!

Soumya calls Ram to find out where he is and gives him some advice on health care. She tells him that when she got married and was brought to his house, he told her that she had every right to look into his needs. From the looks of it, it seems like Soumya might be married to Rishabh, though it's not clear.

When Rajat reenters Priya's bookshop, he reminds her that only five days are pending for her to pay his rent. In the process of their conversation and argument, Priya tells Rajat that she knows that he is extremely unhappy even though he is rich and successful. She then hands over one of the books by Anjaan to him. While Rajat is walking out of the store, he wonders how Priya can be so happy inspite of so many problems!

Watch out for this space for further updates on the serial Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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