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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – July 19 serial update

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In last night's episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Dhai ja is upset with the way Rajat treats his children, and so asks him to take care of them. Rajat tells dhaiji that the children reminds him of the fact that his wife and their mother betrayed him and left him alone with the kids.

Sakshi Tanwar aka Priya, Peehu and Kady are waiting outside to go to the hotel to meet Anjaan. Kady calls for a posh looking car and Priya is upset with her about that. Kady tells Priya that she has done that to impress Anjaan. Priya will be still nervous.

Ram Kapoor aka Ram and Rajat are on their way to the hotel in the car. Rajat remarks that kids are 'headaches'. Ram on the other hand finds them sweet and adorable. Rajat wonders how Ram could keep smiling all time. Ram tells him that it is Priya who taught him to smile and be happy under all circumstances.

Priya, Peehu and Kady reach Ram's room. The room service people are cleaning up the room when Kady asks them to leave the room. Priya is not very happy with this and tells Kady that it is wrong to barge into somebody's room in their absence. Kady asks Priya to relax. Kady is hungry and asks Priya and Peehu to sit there while she eats and comes. After a while Peehu feels tired and lies on the sofa on which Ram's coat is laying. Priya rushes to Peehu and raises Peehu from it. That's when she accidentally touches the coat and feels a sort of 'familiarity'. Peehu then tells Priya that she wants to use the wash room and gets herself accidentally locked in the bathroom. Priya is extremely worried hearing her daughter cry from inside.

Meanwhile, Ram gets into the lift. Priya rushes to call the room service but the phone will be engaged so she thinks of calling Kady. Just when Ram comes out of the elevator, Priya gets into the lift next to that one. The two don't meet.

Kady is trying to find out from the reception whether Anjaan is put up at the hotel. However, the receptionist tells her that she can't give out such information. Kady spots Rajat in the hotel and quietly leaves the scene. When Priya emerges from the lift, Rajat sees her and asks her as to what she is doing there. Some exchange of words take place between them and Priya tells Rajat that though he has said awful things to her in the past five years, what he said now has hurt her the most. She tells him that Peehu is locked in a washroom and so she has come to seek help. Rajat once again scolds Priya and asks her why she has to use her daughter's excuse everytime. Priya feels bad and says, I need not explain you anything. Priya leaves crying.

Precap (Monday, July 23)

Ram hears Peehu crying from the wash room. Ram asks her if she is Peehu and the girl confirms that she along with her mom had come to meet him but she got locked inside. Ram consoles her.

Watch out for this space for further updates on the serial Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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