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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – July 26 Serial Update

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In last night's episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Tusshar Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh comes to the party. Riteish tells Tushaar, "I am married and now you should find a girl with whom you can tie a knot." So Tushaar says, "The first lady to come from the entrance is mine."

Vikram brings tickets for a family holiday in Paris and his kids feel very excited to know it, but Neha looks very upset.

Priya and Peehu walk in to the party along with Kady and her friends. Kady's friends ask her that if Priya is single or dating someone. Kady says, "I know her since 5 years, but never seen her husband or boyfriend." When Tusshar and Riteish see Priya they get carried away by her mind blowing looks. Soon Riteish finds out that Priya is a mother and tells this to Tusshar, but he says he still wants to give it a try.

Rajat looks at Priya and thinks of saying sorry when she is alone. Dhai ja feels bad for Rajat when she sees him standing alone. Dhai Ja tells Rajat that earlier he used to love going to parties and was a happy guy, but now he always stands alone in a corner. Rajat says, "All has changed because I have changed."

Priya notices that Peehu is looking for someone. Peehu says she is searching for golu uncle. Priya smiles and she too starts searching. Peehu asks whom you are searching for. Priya says that she is looking out for her angel.

Tusshar meets Kady and gets information that Priya is a single mom and feels happy. Tusshar goes to Rajat and seeks his help to get introduced to Priya. Rajat asks him why he wanted to get close to Priya when there were so so many other girls in the party. Tusshar starts praising Priya's innocent and cute smile. Rajat too begins to feel for Priya.

Rajat meets Priya and apologises to her for his misbehavior.  He also adds that Tusshar wants to talk to her, for which Priya says OK and Rajat finally leaves.

Ram comes to the party and Priya looks at him. Ram is seen talking to someone. When Priya sees Ram, she smiles but Rajat misunderstands that and feels that Priya is looking at him. Ram meets Peehu and asks about her mother. Peehu asks Ram whether he is going to help her mother. Ram assures her that he would definitely help her mother.

Meanwhile, dancers at the party start dancing on 'dil garden garden' song. Peehu couldn't see the dance, so Ram lifts her up in his arms. Priya looks at both of them from a distance and feels happy.

Tushaar starts flirting with Priya. Finally Priya tells him that she already has a 'Kapoor' in her life. Rajat hears this and thinks Priya is talking about him. Tusshar gets disappointed.

Rajat comes to dhai ja and asks her, "Tell me dhai ja, do I torture people." Dhai ja wonders and asks why he was asking that now, for which Rajat replies," Just tell me do I? Dhai ja smiles and says, "No Rajat, you don't torture people but you do irritate them." Rajat hugs her.

Vikram is busy talking on phone and Neha walks in. Neha asks, "Why are you doing this? We are getting divorced, then why are you taking kids for a vacation." Vikram says, "I want to make this vacation a memorable one."

Aayesha comes to the party. Ram walks up to Rajat and Rajat says, "These film actors are so bad. Ritiesh is a married man and Tusshar is single, but both of them are flirting with the single mom." Ram smiles and doubts, "I think you are feeling jealous of it." Ram tells Rajat that he is missing his wife Priya. He says that he feels like she is right there. Rajat shows no interest and he leaves.

Neha scolds Rahul. Rahul admits that he has fought with some one in his school. Vikram scolds Rahul and sends Neha away from there. Vikram asks Rahul, "What is the problem?" Rahul tells, "My problem is mom. She keeps on crying everytime. She looks at our albums and cries. She has changed a lot. What happened? Please tell me." To this, Vikram says, "No mom is getting stressed and that's all."

Priya asks Kady to bring Peehu to her as she wants to introduce her to some one special. Kady leaves. She feels happy and at the same time nervous to meet Ram. Priya walks towards Ram. Rajat is talking on phone and Ram is looking at him. Priya touches Ram and calls him. Ram turns back and seems shocked.

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