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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain – July 30th Serial Update

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In last night's episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) goes up to Ram (Ram Kapoor) and calls out his name. Before Ram could respond, Pihu pulls Priya from behind and she turns back. At the same time, Rajat takes Ram away. Pihu asks Priya if she was calling out for her. Priya tells Pihu that she will be introducing her to an angel. When Priya turns back to introduce Pihu to Ram, he is not there anymore. Ram also feels like he heard Priya's voice.

Meanwhile, Rajat is on the stage with Ram and introduces him to everybody. He says he's special and also introduces Ram's wife - AYESHA RAM KAPOOR. Priya is shocked beyond belief. Ayesha comes on the stage and hugs Ram. Priya cannot believe what she just heard and is unable to control her tears. So she leaves from there.

Rajat finds Priya alone and walks up to her to apologise for his misbehaviour. Priya can't stop thinking about Ram and Ayesha and leaves the scene. Kady is angry with Rajat that he said something nasty to Priya and asks him how he can be so rude.

Kady runs to Pooja (Priya) and asks what Rajat said so much that she wants to leave the party. Priya says she wants to stay alone and asks her to drop Pihu at home after party is over. Priya leaves.

Ram sees Kady and asks her about Pihu's mother and Kady informs him that she had to leave. Kady also tells Ram that Priya won't accept any help (especially financial) since she is a very self respecting lady. Ram says that he has a plan and Pooja will not know.

Back in India, Neha tells Vikram that she over reacted, but is hearing many complains of her son. Neha asks Vikram if Rahul found out about their divorce. Vikram says that until they don't find out a way to tell the kids about their divorce, they will have to act normal in front of the kids.

Soumya is worried that Ayesha will not give Ram the package containing medicines that she had handed to Ayesha to give to Ram. Soumya tells her husband Rishabh that Ayesha doesn't care about Ram.

At the party, Ram asks Ayesha for the package that Soumya sent for him. Ayesha says it's in her hotel and both leave the party to make their way to the hotel. In the hotel room, Ayesha is unable to find the package in her bag and tells Ram that she would ask her manager to bring his medicines. Ram tells Ayesha that he married her only because he was guilty about what his brother Sid did to her and also because he wanted to save her reputation since she was Priya's sister.

In his mind, Ram thinks that if he and Priya had a daughter, she would have been just like Peehu.

Precap: Priya calls her father over the phone and tells him that she is missing him a lot.

Watch out for this space for further updates on the serial Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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