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Bade Acche Lagte Hain – September 27 Serial Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain
In last night's (September 27) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram's mother asks him to talk to Priya again. Ram tells her that it was she (his mom) who left her children when they were small, and not him, and so asks her to stay out of it.

Vikram and Neha confronts Ram and asks him to rethink about his decision. Ram is angry and snaps at Neha. He tells her, "When I was trying to solve differences between you two, you told me that it's your private matter. So now I am asking you to stay out of my personal life." Ram then leaves.

At the Sharma household, Karthick is hoping that all is fine at the hospital. Peehu wakes up and starts crying for her mom. Sudheer (Priya's father) and Karthick try to pacify her, but she keeps asking for Priya.

Rajat tells Kady that they would have to return to Dubai in a few days time. Kady tells Rajat that Ram is demanding the custody of Peehu from Priya. She tells him that Ram is very upset with Priya for lying to him all these years and will take Peehu to Kapoor mansion forever. Rajat is shocked and unable to believe Kady. He assures her that he will talk to Ram.

Priya and Natasha return home, and Peehu runs to Priya and hugs her. Priya is constantly thinking about what Ram told her and keeps weeping. Peehu asks her, "Where did you go? Did you even think once how can Peehu live without you?" Priya apologises to her and promises her that she will never leave her henceforth. She then asks Peehu to have her breakfast.

Rajat confronts Ram and tells him that he is doing the wrong thing by separating a mother and child. The two have a serious verbal spat and Ram asks him to stay out of it. Rajat promises to side Priya.

Ram informs Khush (Ayesha's son) that his sister will soon be coming home and Kush gets excited. Ram then tells Ayesha to change the room completely, according to her taste. Ayesha is happy and decides to erase Priya's memories altogether.

Neha and Vikram have an argument regarding Ram's decision. Vikram tells Neha that Ram is very angry now since he feels cheated. He tells her that Ram trusted Priya more than himself and so will take some time to accept things. Neha says that she will try once again that Ram and Priya solve their differences and come back together.

While Ayesha is busy cleaning up the room, and planning to remove Priya's pictures, Ram comes in and asks her to hang Peehu's pictures on the wall. Ayesha tells to herself, "I got rid off Priya and now this Peehu comes in."

Rajat and Daija go to meet one of the best lawyers in the city. But the lawyer tells them that he has just accepted Ram's custody case and now will be fighting on his behalf. Ram tells his lawyers that no matter what, he wants his daughter.

At Priya's house, Karthik is angry at Ram. Priya pacifies him and tells him that Ram needs some time to calm down and then she will talk. She assures him that she will handle this matter. Neha is wondering how Priya is able to think in such a mature way and goes to meet Ram.

Ram tells Neha that just the way Priya kept Peehu away from him for five years, he too will keep Peehu away from Priya for five years, and then go and apologise to her!

Stay tuned in for further updates on Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

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