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      Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddiqui gets into bathroom battle in house


      The day starts with Imam Siddiqui trying to occupy the washroom area by displacing the red team's flag. While Imam is trying to hide the flag, Dinesh Yadav 'Nirahua' sneaks in to the bathroom and observes him. Nirahua takes another red flag and places it on the stand without Imam noticing. Nirahua also alerts Vishal and wakes him up to keep an eye on Imam. The housemates wake up to 'chale chalo' from Lagaan - a song that sets the mood for both teams to fight for each others' territory.

      Sapna Bhavnani is seen having a conversation with Niketan Madhok and Urvashi Dholakia in their bedroom. Sapna warns her teammates to stay away from Imam and not to trust him with important details like where they've hidden the flags, etc. After sometime, the blue team makes a sly plan to capture the red team's flag outside the washroom area. Continue to read 58th day synopsis in the slider.

      The five members of the red team are seen having lunch near the gym area. Niketan and Mink run towards the flag to replace it with theirs. Vrajesh Hirjee, Santosh Shukla, Aashka Goradia and Vishal Karwal run towards them and manage to save their territory after some action and drama. As the two teams walk back towards the house, Niketan takes the blue flag and runs towards the washroom yet again.

      This time, the red team gets agitated and Vishal, Vrajesh and Santosh literally jump on Niketan to stop him from planting the blue flag in their territory. In the process, Aashka trips over the easy chair and hurts herself. Santosh gets hurt on his shin as well. After the red team recovers their territory, things start turning ugly between the two teams.

      Santosh gets very annoyed and starts abusing the blue team as both him and his favourite housemate - Aashka are hurt during the battle for supremacy. Aashka also loses her cool and starts calling the blue team inhuman, etc. Delnaaz volunteers to come to the red team as Aashka is a close friend of hers.

      However, Delnaaz then goes back to her team and insists on letting the red team eat food as they had stopped eating post their fight for the washroom. The blue team tells Delnaaz to stop letting her emotions get in the way of the task. Later, Delnaaz is seen explaining to Rajev that the fight he had with Imam the previous night was worthless while Rajev was left defending himself.

      Bigg Boss sends in a letter as both teams were left confused after their attempt to occupy the washroom. The letter stated that the blue team was not completely successful in replacing the red team's flag with theirs, and thus the task is still on till the lights go off. Both the teams get up briskly and move back to their positions. Sana comes to the red team to take permission for using the bathroom.

      Nirahua and Santosh ask her to dance to their tunes for a few minutes as barter for letting her use the washroom. Sana shakes a leg and shares a mighty laugh with the red team. After sometime, the lights go off, and Vishal and Sana are seen having an intense conversation. Both of them clear their differences and make up with a hug.

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