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Balika Vadhu: Anandi Gets Caught In The Midst

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In the October 16th episode of Balika Vadhu, Dadisa is furious to know the allegations that Sanchi and her family have made against Jagya, and Dadisa is all set to call and speak to Ira. Just then Gehna intervenes and tells Dadisa that this might create problems for Anandi, who is already in trouble. Dadisa then recollects what Ira had said in the hospital. She had told dadisa to pray that she doesn't end up hurting Anandi to seek revenge.

Dadisa tells Basant that she feels handicapped since she is unable to do anything. Basant suggests her to speak to Shiv. Dadisa is sure that he won't listen.

Shiv is fuming in anger thinking about all that happened and refuses to take Basant's call. He is happy when he is informed that Jagya has been arrested and the police is on their way to Udaipur with Jagya.

Basant later calls dadhu and tries to sort out the problem between the two families. He suggests dadhu to withdraw the case so that both families can sit and figure out what can be done. Dhadhu is furious and tells him that the case is already out of their hand. Basant too loses his temper and questions him about the terrible allegations that they had made on Jagya. Dadhu too shouts and tells him that they'll make sure that Jagya is punished for what he did to their daughter. Anandi hears dadhu and feels very upset.

Anandi tries talking to Shiv about the call, but Shiv is very angry and tells her that he's not interested in talking about Jagya and will not be at peace until Sanchi gets justice. Anandi gets emotional and leaves.

Sanchi overhears everything and when Shiv enquires after her health, Sanchi says that she is glad that he as a brother is working hard to ensure that Jagya is punished for whatever he did. Shiv pacifies her and tells her that she doesn't have to feel bad about Jagya since he deserves to be punished.

Ganga calls Gehna to enquire about Jagya. Gehna pacifies Ganga and assures her that Jagya will soon return to her and Manu. Sumitra overhears this and storms out of Gehna's room. Sumitra complains to dadisa about Gehna who defends her stand by saying that Ganga was not responsible for their problems. She says that Jagya was never happy with Sanchi and is better of with Ganga. Dadisa seems to understand and only smiles.

A police inspector is interrogating Jagya and is extremely rude with him. Jagya tries to explain why he made this decision a few days before their wedding date and tells the inspection about what Sanchi had said about him and his family to her friends. The inspector asks him if there was anybody else apart from him as witness. Jagya first thought of Anandi who had heard all that Sanchi had said, but chose to keep quiet since he did not want any trouble in Anandi's life.

In today's episode of Balika Vadhu, Anandi gets summons from the court for her hearing in Jagya-Sanchi's case. What will Anandi do now? Will she support Jagya or Sanchi? Stay tuned for further updates on Balika Vadhu.

Dadisa In Balika Vadhu

Dadisa is furious with Sanchi and family, but is unable to do much since Anandi is in their house.

Police Support Sanchi And Family

The police is hell bent on taking Jagya to task and leaves no stones unturned to prove that he is guilty.

Ganga Being Blamed

Sumitra blames Ganga for whatever has happened, though she is innocent.

Crew Picture

This is the crew of Balika Vadhu.

Ira Gives Support To Sanchi

Ira is very upset regarding Sanchi's suicide attempt and assures her that Jagya will be punished.


Ganga expresses her fear to Jagya before he is arrested. Jagya assures her that everything will be fine.

Jagya Gets Trapped

Now it remains to be seen if both families will get to know Sanchi's truth and whether Jagya will be free.

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